Writing (updated) part ,3,4 Sample (Gần đây) power fitness club part 2

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PART 2,3,4

Sample 1 (Gần đây)


Part 2: You want to join a fitness club. Fill in the form. Write in complete sentences. Use 20 -30 words. Recommended time: 7 minutes

What do you want to do and when are you free to exercise? 
Part 3: You are communicating with three other people from the Power Fitness Club. Answer the question using sentences. Use 30 -40 words for each of all three questions. Recommended time: 10 minutes
Amy: Hi. Welcome to the club. I joined because I love sports and I want to try out as many as possible. Why did you join? 
Philip: I am very busy and I don’t have a lot of time to keep fit. Can you give me some advice?

Steve: More and more people are becoming interested in keeping fit. What do you think the reason for this is?

Part 4: You are a member of the Power Fitness Club. You have received the email from the club.

Unfortunately in order to cut costs we are forced to reduce the facilities that can offer our members. It has been suggested by some members that we close the club shop, where we sell sports equipment. Another suggestion is that we close the cafe which sells sandwiches and soft drinks. We would be interested to hear what you think. Please write to the manager with your suggestion and your reason for suggesting it.

Write an email to your friend. Tell your friend what the club should do and why. Write about 50 words. Recommended time: 10 minutes

Write an email to the manager of the club. Say what you think the club should do and why. Write about 120-150 words. Recommended time: 20 minutes. 

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