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Ngữ động từ không có tân ngữ

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Ngữ động từ không tân ngữ

break down (hỏng máy)

The car has broken down,

break out (nổ ra, bùng nổ)

The war broke out when the talks failed,

catch on (hiểu)

He catches on very quickly. You never have to explain twice,

come back (quay lại, trở lại)

I will never come back to this place,

come in (đi vào)

They came in through the back door.

come to (tỉnh lại)

He was hit on the head very hard, but after several minutes, he started to come to again,

come over (ghé thăm nhà ai)

The children promised to come over, but they never do.

come up (nêu lên một vấn đề)

That issue never came up during the meeting,

die down (lắng xuống)

The dispute had died down and he was able to lead a normal life again,

dress up (mặc diện)

We should dress up to go to the theater,

drop by (tạt vào thăm, nhân tiện đi qua ghé vào thăm)

If you come lo our town, please drop by to see us.

eat out (ăn tối ở nhà hàng)

Do you feel like eating out tonight?

get on (tiến bộ)

How are you getting on in your new job?

get up (ngủ dậy)

He got up early to go to the airport,

go back (trở về, về, trở lại)

I’ll never go back to that place,

go off (nổ, reo lên)

The gun went off while he was cleaning it.

go off (đèn, điện... tắt)
Suddenly the lights went off.

go on (tiếp tục)

I thought he would stop, but he just went on.

go on (xảy ra, diễn ra)

What’s going on here?

go up (tăng, tăng lên)

The price of gas went up by 5%.

grow up (trưởng thành)

This is the town where I grew up.

hold on (giữ máy điện thoại không cắt)

Could you hold on a minute, please ?

keep on (tiếp tục)

They kept on looking for the dog.

pass out (mê đi, bất tỉnh)

She passed out when she heard the news,

pull up (dừng lại, làm dừng lại)

A black car has just pulled up outside your front door.

set off (bắt đầu lên đường)

We set off very early,

show off (khỏe khoắng)

He is always showing off about how much money he has got.

show up (xuất hiện)

He didn’t show up last night,

speak up (nói to hơn)

Can you speak up a little? / can’t hear you?

take off (máy bay cất cánh)

The plane is taking off.

turn up (đến nơi, xuất hiện)

She invited a lot of people to her party, but only a few turned up.
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