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  • Ngữ động từ tách ra được

back up (ủng hộ)

If you don Y believe me, ask Bill. He ’11 back me up.

blow up (làm nổ tung)

They blew up the bridge,

bring about (làm xảy ra, dẫn đến, gây ra)

What brought about the change in his attitude?

bring down (hạ xuống, làm tụt xuống)

We must bring the price of the product down if we are going to be competitive,

bring up (đưa ra một vấn đề)

My friend brought up that matter again,

bring up (nuôi dạy)

He was born and brought up in a good environment,

call off (hoãn lại, ngừng lại, bỏ đi)

They called off the meeting,

carry on (tiếp tục)

He carried on the task while others had left,

cheer up (làm cho ai phấn khởi, vui vẻ lên)

Mary’s unhappy - we should do something to cheer her up.

clear up (dọn dẹp, giải quyết)
She cleared up the spare room,

cut down (giảm bớt, cắt bớt)

He cut down the number of employyes in his company,

do over (làm lại từ đầu)

I’m sorry but your writing is not good enough. You 7/ have to do it over,

draw up (lập kế hoạch)

The residents of the building drew up a plan to catch the thief.

fill in/ out (điền vào đơn, tờ khai)

He filled out the job application form,

fill up (đổ đầy, lấp đầy)

She filled up the jug with water,

find out (phát hiện ra)

She found out the truth, figure out (suy nghĩ để tìm ra) Can you figure out how to do it? give away (cho, phân phát)

He gave away his clothes to the poor,

give back (hoàn lại, trả lại)

He hasn 't given back my book yet.

give up (từ bỏ, bỏ cuộc)

You should always keep trying. Don’t give up!

hand in (nộp bài vở...)

The students handed in their essays,

hand out (phân phát)

Peter, please hand these copies out to the class,

hang up (treo lên, cúp máy)

We were talking when she suddenly hung up the phone,

hold up (làm đình trệ, trì hoãn)

I was held up in the traffic for nearly two hours,

lay off (cho ai nghI việc)

His company has laid off another 50 people this week,

leave out (bỏ đi)

He left out all the prepositions,

let down (làm thất vọng)

He really let me down by not finishing the assignment,

look over (xem xét, kiểm tra)

I am going to look the house over next week,

look up (tìm kiếm trong tài liệu tra cứu)
She had to look up too many words in the dictionary,

make up (bịa, dựng chuyện)

He made up a story about how he got robbed on the way to work,

make out (hiểu)

He was so far away, we really couldn’t make out what he was saying,

pass on (truyền, chuyển tiếp)

He passed the news on to the president,

pick out (chọn ra)

She picked out some very nice clothes,

pick up (đón ai bằng xe)

He had to leave early to pick up his daughter.

point out (chỉ ra)

She pointed out the mistakes,

put away (cắt đi chỗ khác)

They put away the books,

put off (hoãn lại)

He asked me to put off the meeting until tomorrow,

put on (mặc quần áo)

He put on his hat and left,

put out (dập tắt)

They arrived in time lo put out the fire,

set up (bắt đầu, thành lập, mở văn phòng, trường học...)

They set up a new office in Vietnam,

take down (ghi chép)

Take down the instructions,

take off (cởi bỏ quần áo)

He took off his hat when he saw her.

take over (tiếp quản, tiếp tục)

CBS Records was taken over by Sony,

throw away (ném đi, vứt đi)

Don’t throw the book away,

try on (mặc thử quần áo)

She tried on five blouses in the shop,

try out (kiểm tra cái qua việc sử dụng nó)

I tried out the car before I bought it.

turn down (giảm âm lượng)

Could you turn down the radio, please?

turn down (khước từ)
His application was turned down,

turn into (biến thành, trở thành)

The prince was turned into a frog by the witch,

turn off (khóa, tắt...)

We turned off the television,

turn on (khởi động, bật lên)

Would you mind turning on the cassette player?

use up (dùng hết)

They have used up all the money.
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