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Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

    1. Yesterday I met a very beautiful girl I really want to see her again but I don’t know how to go about it. I wish .

A. I didn’t meet her yesterday B. I had known her address

C. I knew her address D. I will meet her tomorrow

    1. I wish you to me before you went and bought that car.

A. spoke B. have spoken

C. had spoken D. would have spoken

    1. I wish I that Gary was ill. I would have gone to see him.

A. had known B. know C. knew D. have known

    1. If only he harder, he wouldn’t have lost his job.

A. worked B. would work C. had worked D. has worked

    1. He always talks as though he a public meeting.

A. addressing B. addressed

C. were addressing D. is addressing

    1. He talks as if he all the work himself, but in fact Tom and I did most of it.

A. was doing B. had done C. did D. has done

    1. If only we a car. I’m tired of the bad service of public transport.

A. were B. had C. have D. are

    1. If only we more time, we could have seen more of the country.

A. would have had B. have had

C. had had D. had

    1. She treats us as if we all idiots.

A. are B. had been C. have been D. were

    1. The cheese looks as if rats it.

A. nibbled B. were being nibbled

C. had nibbled D. nibbling
Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. I wish I so much money when I was in town yesterday.

    1. wouldn’t have spent B. hadn’t spent

C. wouldn’t spend D. didn’t spend

  1. You talk as though it a small thing to leave your country forever.

    1. is B. were C. will be D. wouldbe

  1. Everybody feels sorry for him and says that “If only he

    1. should have spent B. would have spent

C. had spent D. spent

more time revising.

  1. He looks as though he a square meal in his life, but in fact his wife feeds him very well.

    1. has never got B. never gets

C. never got D. had never got

  1. If only he accept some help with the work instead of trying research.

    1. can B. may C. would D. were

  2. If only he told us the truth in the first place, things wouldn’t have gone so wrong.

    1. had B. has C. would have D. should have

  3. I wish I to rewrite my essay. only made it worse.

    1. wouldn’t have tried B. wouldn’t try

C. hadn’t tried D. didn’t try

  1. I wish I you some money for your rent, but I’m broke myself.

    1. can lend B. would lend C. could lend D. will lend

  2. Last year the potato harvest was very disappointing but this year it looks we shall have a better crop.

    1. as though B. like that C. like D. to be that

  3. That man has brought us nothing but trouble. I wish I eyes in him.

    1. would never have set B. had never set

C. would have never set D. would have set
Exercise 3: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. When he is asked to say about it, it is clear that he knows nothing about their secret

but they treat him as if he

all about it.

    1. knew B. had known C. would know D. must know

  1. I feel terrible. The heavy truck raced by me at full speed. I feel as if I over.

    1. was run B. have been run

C. had been run D. was being run

  1. She speaks English as though it her native language.

    1. is B. being C. were D. be

  2. My sister says she can’t come to the party with us. We wish she her mind and to come with us.

    1. changed - decided B. would change - decide

C. will change - decide D. had changed - decided

  1. The cat turned her head toward John and looked at him quizzically, almost as if she what he said.

    1. understands B. understood

C. had understood D. would have understood

  1. This evening the surface of the lake is completely still. It looks as if it of glass.

    1. is made B. was made

C. were made D. has been made

  1. Why didn’t you tell me about this before? I certainly wish I earlier.

    1. would be informed B. was informed

C. were informed D. had been informed

  1. I know a farmer who talks to his animals as if they people.

    1. are B. would be C. were D. had been

  1. Ann is grown up now. You shouldn’t speak to her as if she

a child.

    1. is B. were C. had been D. would be

  1. We became good friends almost immediately. After talking to each other for only a short time, we felt as if we each other all of our lives.

    1. knew B. had known C. know D. have known
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. It is important that he well in his exam.

    1. does B. did C. do D. will do

  2. I requested that he because he was making so much noise.

    1. should have left B. must have left

C. should leave D. would leave

  1. The local council recommended that John to the head of the department.

    1. is appointed B. was appointed

C. be appointed D. could be appointed

  1. It’s necessary that the train

on time.

    1. is B. will be C. would be D. be

  1. Rose suggested a suit and tie when he went for the interview.

    1. him to wear B. he wear

C. he must wear D. that he wears

  1. She urged that her husband the letter.

    1. write B. wrote C. had written D. has written

  2. The doctor recommended that John for a couple of days.

    1. could rest B. might rest C. must rest D.rest

  3. The officer demanded that the soldiers the hill.

    1. captured B. would capture C. had captured D. capture

  4. We suggested that she the 10.30 train immediately.

    1. take B. may take C. might take D.has to take

  5. Our teacher insists that we more careful in our writings.

    1. are B. were C. would be D.be
Exercise 5: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. The movie director insisted that everything about his productions authentic.

    1. would be B. is C. can be D.be

  2. It is essential that pollution and eventually .

    1. must be controlled - must be eliminated

    2. be controlled - be eliminated

    3. is controlled - is eliminated

    4. Both B and c are correct

  3. The students requested that the test , but the professor decided against a postponement.

    1. be postponed B. must be postponed

C. postponed D. could be postponed

  1. The director recommended that all the staff anyone outside the company during the training session.

    1. do not contact B. cannot contact

C. must not contact D. not contact

  1. The recommendation that all people affected by the storm immediately was approved.

    1. must be evacuated B. be evacuated

C. ought to be evacuated D. had to be evacuated

  1. Linda insisted that the newly-born baby after her husband’s father.

    1. could be named B. be named

C. must be named D. ought to be named

  1. It was such a beautiful evening that one of us suggested we the meeting outside.

    1. could have B. had C. might have D. have

  2. I requested that first-year students to change their courses in the first two weeks.

    1. would be permitted B. be permitted

C. were permitted D. are permitted

  1. His advisor recommended that he at least three courses each semester.

    1. takes B. can take C. should take D. would take

  2. It is important that he to the director of the programme.

    1. must speak B. speak C. would speak D. speaks
Exercise 6: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. The law requires that everyone his car checked at least once a year.

    1. has Bohave C. must have D. be having

  2. It is not necessary that he an entrance examination to be admitted to an American university.

    1. take B. takes C. must take IX be taking

  3. It is imperative that everyone home immediately.

    1. must return B. return C. returns D. to return

  4. It is essential that vitamins either by foods or by supplementary tablets.

    1. are supplied B. be supplied C. can be supplied D. supplied

  5. The City Planning Department proposed that the new highway in the fiscal year 2015.

    1. be built B. will be built C. would be built D. is to be built

  6. It is important that you late.

    1. not be B. will not be C. are not D. be not

  7. It is essential that no one to the meeting hall without proper identification.

    1. is admitted B. can be admitted C. be admitted D. admitted

  8. The manager asked that we sure to lock all the doors before we left.

    1. were B. would be C. be D. must be

  9. It is vital that no one else about the secret military operation near the border.

    1. know B. knows C. can know D. could know

  10. It is the recommendation of the consultants that the patient under medical supervision.

    1. treating B. treated C. be treated D. is treated

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