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Một số động từ thông dụng theo sau là “gerund”

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Một số động từ thông dụng theo sau “gerund”:

admit (thừa nhận) The man admitted having stolen the car. advise (khuyên) I’d advise buying your tickets well in advance. allow (cho phép) We never allow smoking in this office. appreciate (trân trọng) I don’t appreciate being treated like that.

avoid (tránh) She avoided meeting him again.

can’t help (không tránh khỏi) When I see him, I can’t help laughing can’t stand I can’t stand working with him.

(không chịu đựng được)

consider (xem xét) John has considered going to America.

delay (hoãn) We delay paying the rent until next week.

deny (từ chối) The boy denied having stolen the bag. discuss (thảo luận) We’ll discuss building a new school. enjoy (thích) We enjoy walking together on the beach. fancy (mong ước) Do you fancy going out somewhere? finish (hoàn thành) Linda finished writing the annual report.
give up (từ bỏ) Pete gained weight when he gave up smoking. imagine (tưởng tượng) She imagined living in a beautiful villa. involve (bao gồm) The test involves answering questions.

keep (on) (tiếp lục) We kept (on) walking for hours on the beach.

mind (để ỷ) I don’t mind walking if it’s fine.

miss (bỏ lỡ) The goalkeeper missed stopping the ball. postpone (hoãn) The company postponed signing the contract. practise (luyện tập) She practiced playing the piano two hours a day. prohibit (cấm) The policy prohibits smoking in public places. quit (chấm dứt) The doctor advised him to quit smoking.

recall (nhớ lại) I can’t recall meeting her before.

recommend (để nghị) We recommend checking the report carefully. report (báo cáo) The neighbor reported seeing him doing that. resist (chổng lại) The Parliament resisted increasing income tax. resent (bực tức) He resents being treated like a child.

resume (tiếp tục) He resumed reading after a while.

suggest (đê nghị) They suggested going by train.

tolerate (chịu đựng) She refused to tolerate being called a liar.

    1. Động từ được theo sau bởi infinitive hoặc gerund.

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