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Từ nối mệnh đề, từ nối câu

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Từ nối mệnh đề, từ nối câu


Từ nối mệnh đề

Từ nối câu

cung cấp thêm thông tin

and (và)

furthermore besides in addition moreover also

(hơn nữa, thêm vào)

cho ý kiến trái ngược

but, yet (nhưng)

however nevertheless in contrast

on the contrary on the other hand

(tuy nhiên, sao, ngược lại)

do, sự lựa chọn giữa hai khả năng

for (vì, do đó)

or (else) (nếu không)

otherwise (nếu không, hoặc là)

kết quả

so (vì vậy)

consequence therefore thus

accordingly as a result (do đó, kết quả là)

sự lựa chọn phủ định

nor (cũng không)

Exercise 1: Choose the best answer tocomplete each of the following sentences.

  1. we got lost driving into the city, we were late for the meeting.

    1. Since B. Because of C. Consequently D. For

  2. During extremely hot weather, elephants require both mud and water to keep their skin cool they have no sweat glands.

    1. and B. so C. because of D. due to the fact that

  3. I couldn’t repair my bike, 1 didn’t have the right tools.

    1. so B. for C. because of D. therefore

  4. Two of the factories in our small town have closed. , unemployment is high.

    1. Consequently B. Because C. So that D. Furthermore

  5. I had nothing for lunch but an apple, I ate dinner early.

    1. For B. Since C. Due to D. Therefore

  6. Mr. Watson retired from his job early his ill health.

    1. because B. due to C. since D. for

  1. John’s favourite show was on. He reach to turned on the TV he could watch it.

    1. because of B. therefore C. so that D. for

  2. She bought the book she had heard it was good.

    1. due to B. due to the fact that C. so D. because of

  1. I get angry and upset, I try to take ten deep breaths.

    1. Until B. Whenever C. Therefore D. For

  2. . I heard the telephone ring, I didn't answer it.

    1. Because B. Only if C. Even though D. Provided that

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