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Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. That book by a famous author.

    1. wrote B. was written C. is writing D. has written

  1. The children’s song

by one of the parents.

    1. is taping B. are being taped C. are taping D. is being taped

  1. The pollution in the city our breathing.

    1. was affecting B. will be affected

C. was being affected D. will be affecting

  1. A special committee the dispute.

    1. is going to settle B. is going to be settled

C. going to settling D. will be settled

  1. Mark a lot by his friends, isn’t he?

    1. is influenced B. is influencing

C. isn’t influenced D. isn’t influencing

  1. A few days ago, Tom’s car

by one of the teenagers in his neighborhood.

    1. was stealing B. was stole C. has been stolen D. was stolen

  1. Pencils at the test, so please bring your own.

    1. are provided B. will be provided

C. won’t be provided D. shall not provide

  1. Jack the news immediately. If you don’t do it, I will.

    1. ought to be told B. ought be told

C. ought tell D. ought to have told

  1. The prisoner is thought by Climbing over the wall.

    1. to escape B. has been escaped

C. to have escaped D. has escaped

  1. Tom has just had a computer in his room.

    1. install B. installed C. to install D. installing
Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. They recommend that a hotel on the edge of the lake.

    1. should be built B. must be built

C. was built D. could build

  1. He dislikes what to do.

    1. people tell him B. being told

C. to be told D. they telling him

  1. The music at the party was very loud and from far away.

    1. can hear B. could hear

C. can be heard D. could be heard

  1. Both domestic and imported automobiles must anti-pollution devices.

    1. equipped with B. be equipped with

C. equipped by D. be equipped by

  1. “Can’t we do something about the situation?” “Something _ right now.”

    1. is doing B. is done C. is being done D. has been doing

  2. Despite all my anxiety, I for the job I wanted.

    1. was hiring B. hired C. got hiring D. got hired

  1. “Has

about the eight o’clock flight to Chỉcago?” “Not yet.”

    1. been an announcement made B. an announcement been made

C. an announcement made D. been made an announcement

  1. “Come back at 5 o’clock,” he said, “the job

by then.”

    1. will have been done B. has been done

C. is being done D. was being done

  1. Renoir’s paintings

masterpieces all over the world.

    1. had considered B. are considered

C. are considering D. consider

  1. Are you quite sure you know why ?

    1. was he dismissed B. did he dismiss

C. he was dismissing D. he was dismissed
Exercise 3: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. The ozone layer harmfulradiation from the sun.

    1. prevents B. is prevented

C. is preventing D. is being prevented

  1. Are you interested in the job ?

    1. they are offered you B. they have offered you

C. you being offered D. you be offering

  1. Vietnamese goods to many European countries.

    1. have exported B. have been exported

C. have been exporting D. have being exported

  1. We expect students during the examinations.

    1. not to talk B. not to be talked

C. not talking D. not being talked

  1. This kind of cloth in warm water only.

    1. must wash B. must be washing

C. must be washed D. must washed

  1. Have you got the advisor the issue?

    1. to examine B. examining C. to be examined D. examined

  2. When we talked about the accident, no names .

    1. were mentioning B. to be mentioning

C. were mentioned D. to be mentioned

  1. Harvard University as one of the best universities in the world for hundreds of years.

    1. has regarded B. is regarded C. has been regarded D. regards

  2. The Norman is said England in 1066.

    1. to have invaded B. to have been invaded

C. to invade D. to be invaded

  1. Jack accepted for his brother’s fault.

    1. to punish B. to be punished C. punish D. being punished
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. I don’t want any conclusion

before we have all the evidence.

    1. be made B. to be made C. being made D. to have been made

  1. More than five thousand people in the earthquake in Indonesia last year.

    1. was said to be died B. were said to be died

C. was said to die D. were said to die

  1. Gunpowder was said by the Chinese several centuries ago.

    1. to have invented B. to be invented

C. to have been inventing D. to be inventing

  1. I heard him to himself after coming back from the party last night.

    1. singing B. sung C. to be singing D. to be sung

  2. He was seen a stone and it at the police.

    1. pick up - throw B. picking up - throw

C. picked up - thrown D. to pick up - throw

  1. “Those eggs of different colors are very artistic.” “Yes, they

in Russia.

    1. were painted B. were paint C. were painting D. painted

  1. “David is in prison for smoking drugs.” “He

that it was against the law.”

    1. is telling B. was told C. told D. tells

  1. “The maintenance people didn’t remove the chairs from the ballroom.” “Don’t worry. They them before the dance begins.”

    1. will have been moved B. will have moved

C. were moved D. moved

  1. Gold in California in the 19th century.

    1. was discovered B. has been discovered

C. was discover D. they discovered

  1. that military spending is extremely high.

    1. We are felt B. It feels C. It is felt D. We feel that it is
Exercise 5: Choose the best answerto complete eachof the following sentences.

  1. All planes before departure.

    1. will checked B. will have checked

C. will be checked D. will been checked

  1. I wanted by the head of the company, but it was impossible.

    1. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. being to see

  2. Nancy at Bob’s house every night this week.

    1. has been eaten B. has eating

C. is being eaten D. has been eating

  1. “Where did you get these old dresses?” “We

them in the old trunk.”

    1. were found B. finding C. found D.have been found

  1. “What happened to the old mail carrier?” “He work.”

to a new neighborhood to

    1. has sent B. was send C. was sent D. sent

  1. “The longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long.” “It

by Peter.”

    1. was catching B. caught C. was caught D. catch

  1. “I heard you decided to take up tennis.” “Yes, I have

every day.”

    1. been played B. been playing C. playing D. play

  1. “Are we about to have dinner?” “Yes, it

in the dining room.”

    1. is serving B. serves C. is being served D. served

  1. “Why is Tony in prison?” “He

of robbery.”

    1. has been convicted B. has been convicting

C. has convicted D. convicted

  1. “Where are Jack and Joseph?” “They house.”

the boxes you asked for into the

    1. have been bringing B. bringing

C. have been brought D. to bring

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