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Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. The examination was . All the students passed.

    1. surprising easy B. surprisingly easy

C. surprising easily D. surprisingly easily

  1. Tom sounded when I spoke to him on the phone.

    1. angry B. angrily C. to be angry D. to be angrily

  1. Jane is

because her job is .

    1. bored - bored B. boring - boring

C. boring - bored D. bored - boring

  1. Her illness was than we had thought first.

    1. much serious B. more serious C. serious D. most serious

  2. The garden looks since you tidied it up.

    1. better B. well C. more good D. more well

  3. Petrol is twice it was a few years ago.

    1. more expensive than B. much expensive as

C. as expensive as D. as expensive than

  1. That house over there is building in the city.

    1. the eldest B. the oldest C. the elder D. the older

  1. Thank you for the money. It was

of you.

    1. more generous B. the more generous

C. most generous D. the most generous

  1. We were lucky to have one of rooms in the hotel.

    1. a nice B. a nicer C. the nicer D. the nicest

  2. Your English is improving. It is getting .

    1. well and better B. good and well

C. better and better D. good and better
Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. In the kitchen there is a table.

    1. beautiful large round wooden B. large beautiful wooden round

C. wooden round large beautiful D. round large wooden beautiful

  1. Ann works than most of her friends.

    1. much harder B. a lot more hardly

C. more hardly D. many harder

  1. The shop wasn’t crowded this morning it usually is.

    1. as - than B. so - as C. more - than D. so - than

  1. It’s

film that I have ever watched.

    1. most boring B. the most boring

C. best boring D. the best boring

  1. we leave, we will arrive.

    1. The earlier - the sooner B. The earliest - the soonest

C. Earlier - sooner D. The earliest - the sooner

  1. Let me know immediately if you hear any news.

    1. farther B. further C. farthest D. furthest

  2. I have never had a meal than that.

    1. more delicious B. most delicious

C. delicious more D. delicious most

  1. Jane didn’t do so well in the exam

she had hoped.

    1. as B. so C. than D. more

  1. Your writing is terrible. I can it.

    1. hard read B. read hard C. hardly read D. read hardly

  2. It is a restaurant and the food is good.

    1. reasonable cheap B. reasonable cheaply

C. reasonably cheap D. reasonably cheaply
Exercise 3: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. Don’t walk so

! Can’t you walk ?

    1. fast - slower B. fast - more slowly

C. fastly - slower D. fastly - more slowly

  1. It was that she passed the exam. Everyone had thought that she failed.

    1. surprising B. surprised C. surprisingly D. surprisedly

  2. There is a bag in the corner of the room.

    1. small black plastic B. black small plastic

C. plastic small black D. plastic black small

  1. The driver of the car was in the accident.

    1. serious injured B.seriously injured

C. serious injuredly D. seriously injuredly

  1. Could you speak so I can understand what you mean?

    1. a bit slowly B. a little slower

C. a bit slowlier D. a little more slowly

  1. Please cut my hair the style in this magazine.

    1. the same long as C. the same long like

    2. the same length like D. the same length as

  2. The chef tasted the meat before presenting it to the President.

    1. cautious B. cautiously

C. more cautious D. much cautiously

  1. The climate in Sa Pa is much colder of Hanoi.

    1. than it B. than that C. than there D. than this

  2. Please give me of the two pieces of the cake.

    1. smaller B. the smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

  3. This is the dog I’ve ever seen.

    1. dirtier-looking B. dirtiest-looking

C. more dirty-looking D. most dirty-looking
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. So far as Mrs. Brown was concerned she did not seem to be in the least

    1. embarrassed B. embarrassment C. embarrassing D. embarrass

  2. He did not come and she looked rather .

    1. worrying B. worry C. worrier D. worried

  3. The rise of crime is .

    1. depressing B. depressed C. depressive D. depression

  4. The pictures made a impression on him.

    1. depressed B. depressing C. depression D. depressive

  5. She is not with her position.

    1. satisfying B. satisfaction C. satisfactory D. satisfied

  6. I don’t like horror films. I think they are and .

    1. frightening - boring B. frightening - bored

C. frightened - boring D. frightened - bored

  1. Don’t look so choices.

. Of course, it was a decision but we had no other

    1. surprised - surprised B. surprising - surprising

C. surprised - surprising D. surprising - surprised

  1. It was a

journey. 1 wish I hadn’t it. I feel completely


    1. tiring - exhausting B. tired - exhausted

C. tired - exhausting D. tiring - exhausted

  1. The football match was . Our team lost the game and we left the stadium quite .

    1. disappointing - disappointing B. disappointing - disappointed

C. disappointed - disappointed D. disappointed - disappointing

  1. He can’t remember his pupils’ names. It seemed funny at first, but now it is rather

    1. embarrassed B. embarrassment C. embarrassing D. embarrass
Exercise 5: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. That is story I have ever heard.

    1. more incredible B. as incredible

C. the most incredible D. most incredible

  1. It is not always students who do well in tests.

    1. brighter B. most bright C. more bright D. the brightest

  2. Terylene shirts are to wear, but cotton shirts are much .

    1. harder - most comfortable B. hardest - more comfortable

C. harder - more comfortable D. more hard - more comfortable

  1. Which is , Lake Michỉgan or Lake Superior?

    1. deeper B. the deepest C. deepest D. deep

  2. She is far than she used to be.

    1. self-confident B. more self-confident

C. self-confidenter D. most self-confident

  1. man among the guests is a basketball player.

    1. The tallest B. Taller C. The taller D. Tallest

  2. I like both of them, but I think Kate is to talk to.

    1. more easy B. as easy C. as easy as D. easier

  3. Most people are than their parents used to be.

    1. better off B. the best off C. as well off D. best off

  4. She has a lot to be thankful for; but thing of all is that she does not realize it.

    1. the sadder B. sadder C. the saddest D. saddest

10.I want to buy a car one you have.

A. more powerful B. the more powerful C. as most powerful D. the most powerful
Exercise 6: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. Actually, today I feel than I did yesterday.

    1. bad B. worst C. worse D. the worst

  2. This is interesting exhibition I’ve ever visited.

    1. more B. less C. most D. the most

  3. At college the work is harder than the work we did at school, but it is much interesting.

D. less interesting

A. more

B. many C. most

D. a few

4. We didn’t think you were in ancient history.

A. interested B. not interesting C. interesting

5. My brother studies at college.

A. old

B. older C. elder

D. the eldest

6. This is film I have ever seen.

A. good

B. worse C. the best

D. better

7. I’ll feel when my exams are over.

A. happy

B. more happily C. happily

D. happiest

8. I felt because I had fever.

A. badly

B. worse bad

C. bad

D. the worst

9. The more you work, the you’ll pass your exams.

A. good

B. best

C. better

D. the best

10. Prices go up and up. Everything gets expensive.

A. most

B. more

C. least

D. less
Exercise 7: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. That was great! It was meal you have ever cooked.

    1. good B. best C. better D. the best

  2. This exhibition is interesting than the previous one.

    1. little B. least C. less D. the least

  3. The last film I saw was frightening than this one.

    1. little B. least C. less D. the least

  4. Today is cold than yesterday. So I’m wearing my shorts.

A. little B. least

C. less

D. the least

5. Everyone in your team played except the captain.

A. bad B. worst

C. badly

D. the worst

6. You know much, but you know than your teacher.

A. little B. least

C. less

D. much

  1. Small shops are not as as supermarkets.

    1. more convenient B. most convenient

C. convenient D. the most convenient

  1. The child studied hard, and as a result he passed the exams of all.

    1. good B. best C. better B. the best

  2. This is film I’ve ever seen.

    1. more interesting B. most interesting

C. the most interesting D.not interesting

  1. We were disappointed as the film was than we expected.

    1. entertaining B. most entertaining

C. less entertaining D.entertaining
Exercise 8: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Though the dish smelt , he refused to eat saying he was not hungry.

A. good

B. well

C. bad

D. worse

2. She looked at me and told me to leave the room.

A. angry

B. angrily

C. angrier

D. as angry

3. She spends a lot of money on her clothes but they always look .

A. cheap

B. cheaply

C. cheaper

D. cheapest

4. “Have you seen him?” “Yes, he looks but he says he feels

A. good - bad

B. well - badly

C. well - bad

D. good - badly

5. His cough sounds . He should see a doctor.

A. terrible

B. terribly

C. as terrible

D. less terrible

6. Be ! Stop talking, behave yourselves.

A. quiet

B. quietly

C. quieter

D. quietest

7. The situation looks . We must do something.

A. bad

B. badly

C. more badly

D. as bad

8. He seemed to me a bit today.

A. strange

B. strangely

C. more strangely

D. as strange

9. The fish tastes . I won’t eat it.

A. awful

B. awfully

C. more awfully

D. as awful

10. He looked

in his new suit.

A. good

B. well

C. gooder

D. much good

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