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Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. When she was young, she swim across this river.

    1. was able to B. had better C. would Do should

  2. He stop making personal calls at work, or he will lose his job.

    1. would rather B. had better C. could D. will

  3. I clean the room before the guests arrive?

    1. Shall B. Would C. Could D. Might

  4. I use your computer for a minute?

    1. Might B. Could C. Must D. Would

  5. My brother attend a university in the USA, but he isn’t sure yet.

A. should B. will C. shall D. can

  1. I think the principal of this school give students more freedom in choosing the courses they want to study.

    1. would B. would like C. might D. ought to

  2. You ask for permission before going inside the room.

    1. have got to B. would C. will D. might

  3. The exhibition is free for all students. We pay any fee.

    1. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. may not D. don’t have to

  4. Is that Tom over there? - No, it be him. He’s not tall at all.

    1. shouldn’t B. might not C. can’t D. won’t

  5. They are doing very hard on their project. It be very important to them.

    1. should B. could C. must D. would
Exercise 2: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. We protect the environment if we continue treating the earth this way.

    1. are permitted to B. are not allowed to

C. are unlikely to D. are required to

  1. me to deliver these flowers to the recipient for you? - That’d be nice.

    1. Will you want B. Would you like

C. Are you permitted D. Should

  1. You look very tired this morning. You up late last night.

    1. shouldn’t have stayed B. mustn’t stay

C. couldn’t have stayed D. can’t stay

  1. Readers bring food and drink to the library. Please leave them outside.

    1. aren’t allowed to B. are permitted to

C. don’t have to D. have to

  1. You disturb him. He has been very aggressive these days.

    1. had better not B. hadn’t better

C. would rather not D. wouldn’t rather

  1. She take a five-week business trip. That’s what her boss told her yesterday.

    1. is able to B. would rather C. is to D. would like to

  2. skiing with us this weekend?

    1. Would you go B. Would you rather to go

C. Would you prefer go D. Would you like to go

  1. Look at all the tools on the floor. He somewhere around here. Let’s find him.

    1. couldn’t be working B. can’t be working

C. couldn’t be working D. must be working

  1. Tom finish the report as soon as possible. He needs it for the meeting tomorrow.

    1. is supposed to B. is allowed to

C. isn’t permitted to D. doesn’t have to

  1. He very hard to get such a good result.

    1. could be studying B. may be studying

C. must have studied D. should have studied
Exercise 3: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. Who would you , a famous singer or a famous actor?

    1. like meeting B. prefer to meet

C. rather to meet D. rather meeting

  1. She is leaving. She here tonight.

    1. wouldn’t rather stay B. wouldn’t like to stay

C. doesn’t want to stay D. wouldn’t prefer to stay

  1. Our math class was canceled yesterday. The teacher busy with something.

    1. should be B. could be C. should have been D. could have been

  2. Tom watch TV than go to the party with her.

    1. would like B. isn’t allowed C. isn’t permitted D. would rather

  3. You have to wait for him because he a meeting now.

    1. may be having B. may have had

C. may not have D. may have been having

  1. Why don’t you tell us right now what he ?

    1. would rather not do B. wouldn’t prefer to do

C. wouldn’t rather do D. would like not to do

  1. Athletes be careful when using medicines or any kinds of drugs.

    1. are permitted to B. are able to

C. are allowed to D. are required to

  1. That player only played in the second half. He near the end of the game.

    1. must have scored B. couldn’t have scored

C. might have scored D. may not have scored


finish the test yesterday?” - “No, I didn’t have enough time.”

A. Were you able to B. Were you supposed to

C. Were you permitted to D. Were you allowed to

  1. The lights in Susan’s room are still on. She

her assignment.

    1. must have written B. might have written

C. should have written D. might be writing
Exercise 4: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. She spoke in a low voice, but I what she was saying.

    1. can understand B. could understand

C. were able understand D. could have understood

  1. The fire spread through the building very quickly, but everyone escape.

    1. could B. can be able C. was able to D. could be

  1. We didn’t go out last night. We to the movies, but we decided to stay at home.

    1. could go B. can go C. could be going D.could have gone

  1. You’ve been travelling all day. You


    1. must be B. have been C. are able to D. ought to be

  1. I hear that your exams are next week. You very hard right now.

    1. must to study B. must be studying

C. had to study D. must have studied

  1. The phone rang but I didn’t hear it. I


    1. must be B. had to be

C. ought to be D. must have been

  1. She passed me on the street without speaking. She me.

    1. mustn’t see B. can’t see

C. mustn’t have seen D. can’t have seen

  1. Jack was an excellent tennis player. He anybody.

    1. can beat B. is able to beat C. could beat D.was able tobeat

  1. It’s really a good movie. You

and see it this evening.

    1. should have gone B. must have to go

C. ought to go D. used to go

  1. I'm not sure where to go on my vacation, but I to Ha Long Bay.

    1. able to go B. may go

C. can be going D. may not be going
Exercise 5: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. This building finished by the end of last year but there have been so many strikes that it isn’t finished yet.

    1. will have been B. should have been

C. was to have been D. may not have been

  1. Jenny’s engagement ring is enormous! It

have cost a fortune.

    1. can B. must C. could D. should

  1. Tom painted his bedroom black. It looks dark and dreary. He a different colour.

    1. has to choose B. should have chosen

C. must have chosen D. could have been choosing

  1. I know you didn’t see me yesterday because I was in Hanoi. You

    1. may not have seen B. mustn’t have seen

C. shouldn’t have seen D. can’t have seen


  1. They married next week but now they have quarreled and the wedding has

been cancelled.

    1. will have B. were to have been

C. will have been D. should have been

  1. Why are you so late? You here two hours ago.

    1. need have been B. must have been

C. should have been D. oughtn’t to have been

  1. I found this baby bird at the foot of a tree. It from a nest.

    1. might not have fallen B. must have fallen

C. can have fallen D. ought to have fallen

  1. It’s a pity you didn’t ask because I


    1. could help B. could have helped

C. should have helped D. would help

  1. “The instructions were in French, and I translated them into English for him.”


them. He knows French.”

    1. needn’t have translated B. oughtn’t to have translated

C. shouldn’t have translated D. can’t have translated

  1. “I can’t think why they didn’t try to help him.” “They drowning.”

    1. couldn’t have realized B. mightn’t have realized

C. must have realized D. mustn’t have realized

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