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Topic II. 3

English has become the language of international communication in many fields including education, especially higher education. English will help you get much more knowledge from reference books written in English. Most science books are written or translated in English, so we can get ready access to mankind knowledge. English is also the
means of communication when we study abroad or take part in international projects with foreign universities or companies. A good command of English is a must when we work for foreign companies in Vietnam. In short, English helps us become more successful in our higher education and future career.
Topic II. 4

I have decided to apply to Ho Chí Minh City University of Technology majoring in Information Technology in order to become an IT engineer. I have had the love of science since my childhood, and at present I am very interested in using computers. I am very good at subjects of natural sciences such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and also English. I hope that I will do the exam papers very well so that I will be able to get enough qualifications to pass the college entrance exams to attend the course of my own choice. Up to now, I have reviewed all the basic knowledge and necessary skills in Grade 12 to complete the exam papers.
Topic II. 5

When we choose to attend a Vietnamese university, we can live with our own family during the course of study and get constant support and encouragement from each family member. In addition, students can learn all subjects in Vietnamese, the mother tongue. Students who do not have a good command of English have no difficulty in following the courses. Most Vietnamese universities offer a variety of courses of high quality for low tuition. It is really necessary for poor students in order to follow higher education. Nowadays, more and more Vietnamese universities gain the regional and international recognition of the university degrees, in short, attending a domestic university is the best choice for most Vietnamese students and they will have enough qualifications to get good careers.

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