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Exercise 19.

  1. It was not until six o'clock that he came/ It was six o’clock when he came.

  2. It is not my fault if the tin-opener's broken.

  3. It is a two-hour train journey from Loudon to Bristol.

  4. Do not sign the delivery without checking for damage.

  5. She seems to me to be enjoying her new job a great deal.

  6. Who does this suitcase belong to?

  7. I'm seldom able to afford to spend my holiday abroad.

  8. I found his performance very impressing.

  9. She often gets permission from her employers to go to the United States.

  1. Having bars on your window prevents people from breaking into your house.

  2. She doesn't study hard enough.

  3. I can barely see any mark on that dress.

  4. Nothing but a full apology would satisfy him.

  5. Nothing but a complete story would satisfy Tim.

  6. You had better take the train.

  7. I'd rather stay in tonight.

  8. The car cost me only a few hundred pounds.

  9. In case of emergency, ring this number.

  10. You pay in twelve successive monthly installments of $20.

  11. That's got nothing to do with you.
Exercise 20.

  1. I can't meet all my financial commitments with my income.

  2. Most students are capable of working very hard when they feel like it.

  3. Her uncle didn't leave her anything in his will.

  4. No one seems to have predicted the correct result.

  5. She gave a brilliant performance in the school play.

  6. Their wedding took place in the summer of 2000.

  7. All hope that he was alive was in vain, (to despair of something/doing something

= het hi vọng, tuyệt vọng. His life was despaired of. (Bệnh tình anh ấy thậthết hi vọng cứu chữa.)

  1. Every time we rang, there wasn't any answer.

  2. I certainly won't ever go to that restaurant.

  3. We were not able to have our picnic because of the heavy rain.

  4. Is she trustworthy?

  5. She always gives me a cup of coffee when I visit her flat.

  6. Due to the recent increase in the robberies, the police are advising vigilance. (vigilance (n.) = sự cảnh giác, sự đề phòng (nguy hiểm).

  7. Joseph is leaving for Athens for graduate work in archeology.

  8. I built this on my own.

  9. It's just a question/ matter of waiting long enough to get what we want.

  10. There is absolutely no truth in that rumour about the politician and construction contract.

  11. Martin's poor health does not stop/prevent him (from) enjoying life.

  12. I didn't realize the extent to which he was influenced by his brother, (to some/ a certain/ the extent = đến một mức độ nào đó.

  13. All that he did was due to his kindness, (out of = because of)

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