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Exercise 18.

  1. There is no need to make an appointment to see the personnel manager.

  2. She is a more sympathetic listener than anyone else I know.

  3. We haven't received confirmation of/ about our hotel booking yet.

  4. The exhibition has not been so well attended this year.

  5. Are you in agreement with Jill's views on male-female relations?

  6. I couldn't resist the temptation to buy the dress.

  7. Her failure in passing/ to pass the exams depresses her.

  8. Thoughts must be given to ways of improving the transport system.

  9. Much to our regret, we must/ have to inform you that your application has not been successful.

  10. There was severe criticism of the proposals for the new motorway.

  11. Despite my strong disapproval of your behaviour, I will help you this time.

  12. In few other books there is such a good explanation of this problem.

  13. Bad weather led to the postponement of the meeting.

  14. He has arranged for everyone over sixty to be provided with a pension, (arrange for somebody to do something = dàn xếp để ai làm cái gì.)

  15. As no one has expressed any disapproval of the scheme, I suggest we go ahead.

  16. There is no denial that prevention is better cure.

  17. I don't feel like going to that party tonight.

  18. You won't be able to buy/ gel a house in that district for less than $ 200,000.

  19. What convinced him to go to Italy instead of France? (convince/ persuade somebody to do something = thuyết phục.)

  20. Before these machines were invented, people had to queue.

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