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Exercise 17.

  1. I have no intention of giving you any more money.

  2. I never had any intention of going to the meeting.

  3. The rail workers have no intention of calling off their strike.

  4. Ever since his accident/he had the accident, Philip has been unable to make decisions.

  5. Throughout his life, the fisherman was very poor.

  6. Swearing at the referee earned him a suspension of two matches, (earn somebody something = (ai) đáng nhận cái gì; suspend (v.) = treo giò (cầu thủ); suspension (n.) = sự đình chỉ.

  7. The students deserved severe punishment for their riotous behaviour.

  8. She prides herself on her playing the piano/herself on being such a good pianist.

(be proud of something = t hào, hãnh diện; to pride oneself on something = tự hào, hãnh diện về (ai/ cái gì).

  1. I can't see the attraction of spending all day on the beach.

  2. The patient made a more rapid recovery than expected.

  3. His refusal to help surprised us.

  4. It was with great relief to hear that her condition was not serious.

  5. Against everybody's expectation, she lost.

  6. His insistence on having his own way led to difficulties.

  7. We want his approval of/for this important scheme.

  8. It's a choice between this and that.

  9. His confession of a whole series of crimes amazed everybody, (to confess to something/doing something = thú nhận; confession of something /doing something = sự

thú nhận.)

  1. The engine failure was due to a badly fitted part (to the fact that a part had been badly fitted).

  2. We've given the matter some thought and have finally come to a decision.

  3. He is a more persuasive speaker than his brother.

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