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Exercise 16.

  1. This is the most romantic story that I have ever read, (or) This is the first time I have read such a romantic story/ so romantic a story.

  2. It came as no surprise (to me) that Harry had failed his driving test.

  3. To stop him from drinking every day is not easy.

  4. It looked as if the house had been unoccupied for several months.

  5. It look as if it is going to rain.

  6. It is essential that every child have/should have the same educational opportunities.

  7. It was Tom who first recognized her extraordinary musical gift.

  8. It's impossible to forecast next year's turnover and profits.

  9. Would it be possible to speak to him about the problem?

  10. Travelling by air always makes me nervous.

  1. The rough sea made the ferry unable to sail.

  2. Whether you are rich or poor, happiness is elusive, (elusive (adj.) = khó tìm thấy.)

  3. I'd rather not have lunch yet.

  4. I'd rather that you didn't smoke in here.

  5. I'd rather you didn't give me an injection.

  6. I would rather you delivered the sofa on Friday.

  7. It's high time (that) you bought a new pair of shoes and got rid of those trainers.

  8. It's high time (that) you were able to dress yourself.

  9. It’s time you cut your hair.

  10. The doctor suggested I (should) rest for a few days after the operation.

  11. Henry suggested to Anne that she should go to the doctor if she had (got) a pain in her back.

  12. John suggested (that) Barbara (should) put a better lock on the door.

  13. John suggested inviting Dustin and Sophie to a barbecue that weekend.

  14. You are supposed to obey him. (supposed to do something = được cho là.)

  15. Nothing can prevent/ stop/ keep me from going to the States.

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