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Exercise 15.

  1. Although Linda felt very depressed, she went to the party.

  2. Despite his both broken legs in the crash, he managed to get out of the car before

  3. it exploded.Despite her severe disability/ being severely disabled, Judy took part in many sports.

  4. Even though he had a lot of money, he wasn't happy.

  5. Industrious as he is, he hasn't succeeded.

  6. Although rain was forecast, it stayed fine.

  7. Charming as Tony is, Iwouldn’t trust him.

  8. In spite of a good salary/ having a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.

  9. Although the robbery took place in broad daylight, there seems to have been no eye-witnesses.

  10. Despite being constantly interrupted, Professor Thompson finished his lecture.

  11. In spite of my warning, they climbed that tree.

  12. Although he is old, he often plays badminton every morning.

  13. Even though there are few/ not many passengers on it, the coach to Dover will still leave as planned.

  14. Friendly as he seems/ may seem, he is not to be trusted.

  15. Strong as he is, he still can’t lift the box.

  16. Although he was tired, he agreed to help me with my homework.

  17. Impressed as we were by the new cinema, we found it rather expensive.

  18. Despite not having seen a rhinoceros, Albrecht Durer created a fairly good picture of one.

  19. Even though George loved travelling in Asia, he decided not to go to Indonesia because of his fears of terrorism.

  20. Even though the weatherman predicted rain for tomorrow, they will go camping.

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