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Exercise 14.

  1. Immediately after his appointment to the post, the new editor fell ill.

  2. On safe arriving of the ship at the airport, the victims were taken to hospital.

  3. Unlike other languages, Esperanto has no irregular verbs.

  4. On arrival at the shop the goods are inspected carefully.

  5. On hearing the news of her husband's death she fainted.

  6. On being asked about the strike, the Prime Minister declined to comment.

  7. Once the opera had begun, late-comers had to wait before taking their seats.

  8. I wanted to thank Martin for having taken the time to help me.

  9. What with working too hard and eating too little, he became ill.

  10. Not having been to America before, she found it a whole new experience.

  11. These workmen complained about not having been told about the new regulations of the company.

  12. Contrary to appearance/ its harmless appearance, the dog was, in fact, quite dangerous.

  13. Contrary to your belief/ to what you think, fat people are not always jolly.

  14. It is not likely that they will succeed.

  15. Jennifer forgave me for having been very rude to her because she knew I had been in a

bit of state.

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