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Exercise 13.

  1. It was such an interesting film that I couidn 7 go to bed.

  2. It was such a low bridge that the bus couldn’t go under it.

  3. It was such bad tea that couldn't drink it.

  4. The meat was so rotten that it had to be thrown away.

  5. It was such a great demand for tickets that people queued day and night.

  1. They had such a fierce do that nobody would visit them.

  2. There has been such a vociferous protest that the committee has had to reconsider.

  3. She wasn't so deaf/ hard of hearing that she couldn’t hear the phone ring.

  4. The door was too heavy for the child to push open.

  5. The hamburger was so delicious that I ate twice.

  6. The gate is closed so that the children cannot/ will not to run into the road.

  7. He will come so as to be sure of meeting you.

  8. So as not to disturb/ to avoid disturbing the children, we left quietly.

  9. In order not to be late, they left fifteen minutes earlier than necessary.

  10. So as not to miss the first bus, we got up early.

  11. It's a mystery what (has) happened to the two climbers.

  12. What amazes me is the mistakes he makes.

  13. What I found surprising was his lack of confidence.

  14. What the headmaster said was very reassuring, (reassuring (adj.) = làm yên lòng, làm vững dạ.)

  15. That mosquitoes cause malaria is well-known.

  16. There is no point in considering such a ridiculous proposal seriously.

  17. What really makes me angry is the way people deface walls, (deface (v.) = làm xấu đi, làm mất vẻ đẹp.)

  18. What Ann's mother gave her was a gold watch.

  19. We spent three hours painting the door.

  20. It took us half an hour to walk from our house to the river.

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