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  • Exercise 12.
Exercise 11.

  1. No matter how long you use it, it will not wear out.

  2. However experienced you are, driving fast is dangerous.

  3. Whenever we meet again in the future, we'll always remember these days together.

  4. Wherever he is hiding, we must find him.

  5. Try as hard as I might I couldn't open the door.

  6. Whichever route you take, it will still take you about three hours to get there.

  7. No matter how much louder he can shout, I still won't take any notice.

  8. No matter how carefully I listened, I couldn't understand him.

  9. No matter what I do, my parents find fault with me.

  10. However hard she works, she never seems to succeed.

  11. However long it may take/ takes, I'll find that man.

  12. However tempting the offer was, he would never agree to sell his business.

  13. Whatever your requirement is, the Volvo meets it admirably.

  14. Whatever price you offer for the painting, I won 7 sell it.

  15. However hard Fred tried to start the car, he didn't succeed, (or) However hard Fred tried, he couldn’t start the car.
Exercise 12.

  1. James didn't sign the contract until he had spoken to his lawyer.

  2. It wasn't until all the guests had gone home that we could relax.

  3. It isn't until you'll be ill that you start to appreciate good health.

  4. It wasn't until he was 30 that he passed his driving test.

  5. Until I tell you, you cannot leave.

  6. While I was having dinner, the phone rang.

  7. Once you have learned the basic rules, you'll find it easy to play.

  8. When the cat is absent/ away, the mice will play.

  9. The moment I got up to dance the band stopped playing.

  10. They had no sooner sold their house than they were offered a better price for it.

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