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Exercise 8.

  1. I wasn't in the office yesterday, so it must have been my assistant (that) you spoke to.

  2. It can't have been Mrs. Elton you saw because she's in Bristol.

  3. He must have finished all his exercises and gone shopping.

  4. Andy can’t be having a bath.

  5. They must be hungry now.

  6. John can’t be at school right now.

  1. Nam might have gone out with his girlfriend.

  2. Tina couldn’t have stolen the money.

  3. The article must have been written by Kate.

  4. Helen must be playing the guitar now. In the event, we needn't have taken out the extra insurance.

  5. You shouldn't have left the window open.

  6. I shouldn’t have parked my car outside the police station.

  7. I needn’t have given Ted the message.

  8. Tom should have studied harder for his graduation exams.

  9. You should have called the fire brigade at once.

  10. Francis ought to have tried harder to find his brother, (or) Francis ought to have made more effort to find his brother.

  11. Mike should have listened to your advice.

  12. James should have been told the news a long time ago.

  13. The father needn’t have given the daughter too much money.
Exercise 9.

  1. Never had she expected that she was so successful.

  2. Only in a situation like this do children learn a lot about how to behave.

  3. Only by united opposition can we eliminate world terrorism.

  4. Only after a twelve-hour wait/ a delay of twelve hours did their flight leave.

  5. Only after the money is received will we deliver goods.

  6. Only after you obtain a driving license can you drive a car.

  7. Only when it is quite independent can the country be prosperous.

  8. Only later did I realize that I had made a big mistake.

  9. Little does she understand how much suffering she has caused.

  10. Little did we know at the time how serious the problem was.

  11. Not a tear did she shed when the story ended in tragedy.

  12. Not until John received the offer of promotion in writing did he celebrate a party.

  13. Not until the men had crossed the border did they feel safe.

  14. Not until he came into the light did I recognize him.

  15. Not only did Diana sprain her ankle but she also broke her leg.

  16. No sooner had they arrived than things went wrong.

  17. No sooner had he returned from his walk than he got down to writing the letter.

  18. No sooner had the thieves touched the safe than tear gas was released.

  19. No sooner had she put up her umbrella than the rain came down in torrents.

  20. No sooner had the ship touched the shore than the soldiers leaped into the water.

  21. Hardly had they begun work when the lights failed.

  22. Hardly had I solved one problem when I was faced with another.

  23. Hardly does a day pass without my writing to him.

  1. So fierce was the dog that nobody would visit them.

  2. So foolish is he that he can't remember his lessons.

  3. At no time did he suspect (that) the money had been stolen.

  4. So great was the demand that they had to reprint the book immediately.

  5. Never before had a king resigned/ was there any king's resignation.

  6. Under no circumstances am I to be disturbed.

  7. Each retiring employee is given/presented a gold watch by the company.

  8. Little do the passengers realize how lucky they have been in this accident.

  9. Only by training hard every day can you become a good athlete.

  10. Only when Alice and Charles (had) had their second child did they decide to move to a bigger house.

  11. At no time did the two sides look likely to reach an agreement.

  12. Only after a new pay offer did the workers call off the strike.

  13. No sooner had the announcements been made than everyone started complaining.

  14. Never had she expected that she was so successful.

  15. Not until I visited him did I realize how ill he was.

  16. Only B, Chance was a policeman passing when I was attacked.

  17. Only when the general's personal diaries were published did the truth come out.

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