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Exercise 7.

  1. The girl asked Jim why he hadn’t gone to the club the night before/ the previous night.

  2. She said that if she were me, she would not come there that day.

  3. The journalist wanted to know how many survivors there were.

  4. The doctor advised him to get out in the sun as often as possible or he could get ill again.

  5. The customer wanted to know when the manager came back.

  6. It was reported that over $40 million had been received during the previous ten days.

  7. The inspector accused him of stealing/ having stolen the jewels.

  8. Tim wondered if he would ever find a job.

  9. A police patrol warned us not to park our car on the double yellow line, (or) A police patrol warned us against parking our car on the double yellow line.

  10. Peter asked if he could borrow Janet’s typewriter.

  11. The manager threatened not to select Brian for the team unless he trained harder/ if he didn’t train harder.

  12. “Please wake me at 7 o ’clock tomorrow morning, ” I asked the hotel porter.

  13. Mark reminded Vivian to buy some bread on her way home from work.

  14. Bill doubted whether John would come.

  15. Barbara said that she had seen them at her parents’ house the previous year.

  16. Tony said that he had never been to London and he thought he would go there the following year.

  17. My classmate told me he/she couldn’t explain that rule to me.

  18. Tom promised to give Janet the answer by the end of that week.

  19. My friend advised me not to smoke so much.

  20. The suspect denied having been in the shop when the robbery happened.

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