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Exercise 6.

  1. If Jimmy weren’t lazy, he wouldn’t often get bad marks.

  2. If we had had a map, we wouldn’t have got lost.

  3. If we had had enough money, we would/could have gone on holiday.

  4. If she had hurried, she would have caught the train.

  5. If I had known she couldn’t eat beef, Iwouldn’t have bought it.

  6. Unless you leave a forwarding address, we will not be able to contact you.

  7. Provided that you save some money, you will be able to buy a car.

  8. If the boys had some matches, they could light the fire.

  9. If the new car had not been so expensive, he would have bought it.

  10. Supposing that you failed your driving test, would you take it again?

  11. The captain told us that if that tanker broke up, there would be an oil slick all along the coast.

  12. Unless you water these flowers, they will die soon.

  1. If it hadn't been for his competence/he hadn't been so incompetent, they would not have failed.

  2. If you had told me in advance, I could have avoided that date.

  3. If he had been more careful, we would/could have finished the work.

  4. If my husband had left the car keys I could have picked him up at the station.

  5. Unless you have a good command of English, you can’t/ won 7 be able to work for

  6. this travel agency. Were you to follow my advice, you would be successful.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the company made a profit next year.

  8. If the foundations hadn't been weak, the building wouldn't have collapsed.

  9. Had it not been for the goalkeeper, we would have lost the match/ we wouldn’t have won the match.

  10. If he hadn't been so over-confident, he wouldn't have been defeated in the Wimbledon final.

  11. Provided that the weather is good, we will put out to sea.

  12. Had it not been Mary's support, I wouldn't have been able to finish the project.

  13. Had his aunt not died and left/ given him a legacy of $10,000 he would not have been able to buy the house he wanted, (legacy (n) = tài sản thừa kế.)

  14. Were it not for the money this job wouldn't be worthwhile.

  15. If I were you, I'd take more exercise.

  16. If he hadn't had his wife's constant support, he would never have achieved his ambition.

  17. If it hadn't been readable, I wouldn't have got through the book so quickly.

  18. As long as you follow this instruction carefully, you won't have any problems.

  19. Unless he lived for the others, his life would be meaningless.

  20. Had I known that he was the author, I wouldn't have been so rude about his new book.

  21. If it hadn't been for her insistence/insisting on kissing everyone goodbye, she would have caught the train.

  22. Had it not been for his solicitor's advice, he would have made a serious mistake.

  23. Without his neighbour's help, Mr. Watson couldn't have repaired (he garage roof.

  24. But for his father' early retirement, Richard wouldn't have taken over the family business.

  25. But for his qreal speed, John wouldn’t/ couldn’t have won the gold medal.

  26. As long as you (can) keep/ stay calm, you will pass your driving test.

  27. if he had studied his lessons carefully, he wouldn’t get bad marks now/ he would get good marks now.

  28. Even if I had tried to telephone him, he wouldn't answer the phone after midnight.

  29. Unless a famous director had seen her act in a school play, she wouldn't be a star.

  30. If only your sister could come as well.

  31. I wish I had finished my homework last night.

  32. They wish they hadn’t done business with him.

  1. I wish I had taken my doctor s advice.

  2. Mary wishes she had been put in a higher class.

  3. If only my English were fluent enough to go for the interview.

  4. I wish you had told us about your mother's problem.

  5. Maria wishes she had applied for the job in that international company.

  6. Mrs. Taylor wishes she lived in a bigger house, (or) Mrs. Taylor wishes she had a bigger house.

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