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Exercise 5.

  1. This hat is the cheapest of mine.

  2. Home computers aren’t as/so expensive as they used to be.

  3. Nowhere is as nice as your own country, is it?

  4. The smoking of cigarettes is no longer as popular/ widespread as it used to be.

  5. I don’t know about it as much as she does/her.

  6. I was the last to know/hear about the accident.

  7. Is this the best hotel you could find?

  8. I have never had such a good meal before.

  9. He is behaving more violently than ever before.

  1. No one stands a better chance of winning the race than him.

  2. You are better at describing people than 1 am.

  3. Not as many people were infected with HIV 5 years ago as they are this year.

  4. Jim is not such a good mechanic/so good a mechanic as Peter.

  5. You have never had such a good offer as/so good an offer as 6,000 pounds before.

  6. Martin's latest novel is not as interesting as his last one.

  7. There is no statesman thai I admire more than the President.

  8. I have never known a more warm-hearted person than my mother (is).

  9. The average depth of the Pacific (Ocean) is greater than that of the Atlantic.

  10. It was not so much a discussion as an argument.

  11. In my opinion, there is no better pianist than him/ no one that is a better pianist than him in the whole orchestra.

  12. He earns as much in a week as I do in a month.

  13. The annual rainfall in the north-west of Britain is higher/ greater than that in the south-east.

  14. The average skyscraper in the USA is higher anywhere else in the world, (or) The average height of skyscrapers in the USA is higher than anywhere else in the world.

  15. There were far fewer people there than I had expected.

  16. No one in the world can play the guitar as well as you.

  17. The morzyou run, the healthier you will become.

  18. The less time my boss has, the better he works.

  19. The older I get, the less I want to travel.

  20. The more proficient he is, the more he is fond of the game.

  21. The more qualifications you can get, the more success you can/ will make, (or) The more qualifications you can get, the more successful you are/ will be.

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