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Exercise 4.

  1. We have had the decorators finish our first floor.

  2. All the shops had their windows blown out in the gas explosion.

  3. I had the washing machine mended by Mr. Dryden.

  4. Get the work finished by lunchtime and you can go home.

  5. She had her car serviced yesterday.

  6. He had his watch stolen yesterday.

  7. She had her car repaired yesterday.

  8. I must have my suit cleaned before the interview.

  9. When I am busy, I often get my sister lo wash my clothes/ my clothes washed by my sister.

  10. The manager usually has his personal assistant sort out his documents/ his documents sorted out by his personal assistant.

  11. The singer had very little money (left) when he died, which surprised everybody.

  12. That poet, whose name I have forgotten, is very well-known.

  13. There are more than one thousand employees in the factory where I work.

  14. The only thing (that) I am interested in is why he did it.

  15. The football team, whose manager is a famous Spanish footballer, have won all their matches this season.

  16. Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, to whom I spoke only last week, died in that terrible train accident.

  17. The joke that/which 1 told made Michael laugh.

  18. This reporter, whose background I know well, is absolutely honest.

  19. A frost which came late spoiled much of the fruit crop.

  20. was told about that by a man whom/ that I don’t know.

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