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Tông ôn tập các chuyên đê Tiêng Anh - 505

  1. It is a year since I last saw them.

  2. We haven’t decorated this room for years.

  3. When did they buy the house?

  4. It is Jim’s 18th birthday next week.
Exercise 2.

  1. The film star avoided being recognized by wearing/putting on dark glasses.

  2. The boss permitted me to leave early.

  3. My best friend offered to help me with my homework that day.

  4. I regretted ever having written the letter.

  5. He greatly regretted not seeing Ann on her trip to London.

  6. She advised John not to trust Peter.

  7. That old typewriter is not worth repairing.

  8. She persuaded me not to leave.

  9. She admitted to having taken the necklace.

  10. My friend suggested sharing the cost.

  11. He regretted not saying/ having said goodbye to her at the airport.

  12. The hijacker forced the pilot to land the plane immediately.

  13. The teacher expects the students to come to class on time.

  14. The teacher encouraged the students to try harder and get good marks the next time.

  15. It is better to avoid standing under a tree when it is raining.

  16. Would you mind not making so much noise?

  17. The driver of the car admitted speeding when the accident happened.

  18. Do you regret not accepting/not having accepted his offer?

  19. Why don’t you put off complaining and do something?

  20. She advised me to give up that relationship. Exercise 3.

  1. The lions are fed by the zoo keepers at 3 pm every day.

  2. The street hasn’t been cleaned this week.

  3. Plans for an extension to the house have been drawn by the architect.

  4. These artificial flowers are made of glossy paper.

  5. The plumber repaired the leak this morning.

  6. New projects for extra places in schools will have to be made.

  7. Serious injuries can be prevented by wearing seat-belts in cars.

  8. Paper is believed to have been invented by the Chinese in 105 A.D.

  9. The robbers are believed to have got into the bank through the roof.

  10. Acid rain is thought to be now a familiar problem in the industrialized countries in Europe.

  11. The spectacular ruins of Mayan civilization are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

  1. The drop in the number of school leavers is said to have been caused by the fall in the birth rate between 1990 and 1995.

  2. The climate is thought to be changing.

  3. The accident is thought to have been caused by human error.

  4. This switch isn't to be touched.

  5. The destruction of the old city of London in the 1600s was caused by a fire.

  6. This work must be finished by six o'clock.

  7. He was not allowed to know what I was thinking.

  8. Already this year fifteen people have been killed in industrial accidents.

  9. This is the first time (that) his authority has been challenged.

  10. We were shown to our seats by the usher.

  11. The bank manager was made to hand over all the money (by the robbers).

  12. Man is mainly distinguished from other animals by the power of speech.

  13. Does the application have to be typed?

  14. Anyone found trespassing on this land will be prosecuted (by the authorities).

  15. The edge of the shore was slowly being covered with oil.

  16. It has been suggested that income tax should be abolished.

  17. The party may have to be cancelled.

  18. He was allowed to leave after he had been questioned by the police.

  19. He has been operated on many times, (to operate on somebody for something = mo, phau thuật.)

  20. Some improvements have recently been made to/in the bus service in this town.

  21. No formal announcement of the decision will be made.

  22. All the seats for the concert on December 14th have been sold/ booked.

  23. There is said to be plenty of oil off our own coast.

  24. What happened that fateful night may/will possibly never be known.

  25. No reply from the secretary was sent to me for ten days.

  26. The concert may have to be cancelled.

  27. I was allowed to go abroad alone for the first time last year.

  28. The prisoner is thought to have been recaptured while drinking in a pub.

  29. Completed application forms must be handed in/returned by 3 pm on Friday, 18th December.

  30. Sally was given a new iPad for her birthday by her parents.

  31. Mr. Hill’s students are taught to understand different English accents.

  32. Was the garage built at the same time as the house (was)?

  33. Further information can be obtained by sending a self-addressed envelope to the above address.

  34. On being told about the robbery the manager was very astounded.

  35. Does you aunt really need meeting/ to be met at the station?

  1. Professor Van Helsing needs meeting/ to be met at the airport.

  2. An increased number of travellers are being stopped B, Customs officials.

  3. The manager was nowhere to be found.

  4. Do not despise the poor, (despise (v.): to feel contempt for sb/sth = xem thường, khinh miệt.

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