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Exercise 1: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “How was your exam?” “A couple of questions were tricky, but on the it was pretty easy.”

    1. spot B. general C. hand D. whole

  2. If you practise regularly, you can learn this language skill in a short of time.

    1. period B. aspect C. arrangement D. activity

  3. Students can a lot of information just by taking an active part in class.

    1. concern B. install C. appear D. memorize

  4. A few years ago, a fire much of an overcrowded part of the city.

    1. battled B. devastated C. mopped D. developed

  5. I have learned a lot about the value of labour from my at home.

    1. credit B. energy C. chores D. pot plants

  6. Although he tried to hide it, it was that Peter didn’t like his birthday present.

    1. foolish B. basic C. obvious D. vigorous

  7. Environmental groups try to stop farmers from using harmful on their crops.

    1. economy B. agriculture C. investments D. chemicals

  8. If you too much on study, you will get tired and stressed.

    1. concentrate B. develop C. organize D. complain

  9. Good health and good methods of study are very necessary, or for success in college.

    1. available B. dependable C. essential D. efficient

  10. In order to their goals in college, students need to invest the maximum

amount of time, money, and energy in their studies.

    1. manage B. catch C. establish D. achieve
Exercise 2: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. Parents have great hopes or great when they send their children to school.

    1. wishes B. obligations C. expectations D. plans

  2. No one ever takes any notices of what I say. They never pay to what I say.

    1. reply B. opinion C. attention D. support

  1. She has changed so much that I didn’t

her right away.

    1. admit B. recognize C. know D. believe

  1. After graduation, she found with a local finance company.

    1. career B. workplace C. service D. employment

  2. Education in Britain has improved since the government started a programme of educational .

    1. reform B. resources C. experience D. system

  3. The group leader wanted that everyone worked together; she asked for everyone’s


    1. combination B. responsibility C. competition D. cooperation

  1. With hard work and study, you can the goals you set for yourself.

    1. establish B. succeed C. achieve D. increase

  2. David never wastes his time; he tries to improve himself at every .

    1. technique B. opportunity C. consideration D. operation

  3. All students in the school are free to any youth club they wish.

    1. perform B. become C. join D. participate

  4. His has always been to become a movie director. He wants very much to achieve it.

    1. direction B. ambition C. business D. study Exercise 3: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the following questions.

  1. All the negative violence on television has had a negative on children.

    1. damage B. programme C. process D. effect

  2. My mother her services for an environmental group. She helps raise money to protect wildlife.

    1. identifies B. encourages C. shares D. volunteers

  3. Students can a lot of information just by attending class and taking good notes of the lectures.

    1. absorb B. provide C. transmit D. read

  4. Some people that you can learn more by travelling to a place than by

reading about it. They say firmly that it is true.

    1. require B. encourage C. insist D. offer

  1. Electric cars are better for the environment. , they can save money on gas.

    1. In brief B. In conclusion

C. In contrast D. In addition

  1. Overpopulation tends to create conditions which may result in of food in developing countries.

    1. supplies B. surpluses C. shortages D. failures

  2. Because of the intensive farming, it’s now hard to find certain wild birds in the region. Actually, they have become birds.

    1. unknown B. frightened

C. hungry D. rare

  1. While some areas are suffering from , others are experiencing heavy rains and floods.

    1. the weather B. the climate

C. drought D. problems

  1. It will certainly enhance your of reading when you are aware of very slight differences in the writer’s expression.

    1. condition B. recommendation

C. material D. enjoyment

  1. A nurse must be to the patients’ needs; she must understand what they need, and be helpful and kind to them.

    1. sensitive B. elegant

C. aware D. likeable
Exercise 4: Mark the letter Ay B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. The area has an of wildlife; there are lots of animals, birds, fish, and insects living there.

    1. abundance B. impression C. entertainment D. organization

  1. You should read this novel. It has been

recommended by all the critics.

    1. deeply B. fully C. highly D. truly

  1. True learning does not in gathering facts from the teachers; it requires active assimilation of knowledge.

    1. achieve B. consist C. depend D. come

  2. There should be a law against .

    1. violent family B. fights for households

C. violent domestics D. domestic violence

  1. The documentary was so that many viewers cried.

    1. moody B. touching C. touchy D. moved

  1. of patience, no one can beat Martha.

    1. In front B. In spite C. In terms D. Regardless

  1. The manager of the hotel always puts a

on the service quality.

    1. pressure B. great stress C. stressed D. stressful

  1. Human carelessness has been damaging marine life.

    1. warned against B. said to

C. prevented D. accused of

  1. During the flood, many local people ran out of food and starved to .

    1. dying B. die C. death D. dead

  1. The saying that “Misfortunes never come can happen at the same time.

means that many problems

    1. soon B. at once C. single D. singly Exercise 5: Mark the letter Ay B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. In fairy tales, bad witches often try to cast a spell on the .

    1. innocent B. innovative C. innovation D. initiative

  2. The assistant manager is going to present a complete report on the situation of the company.

    1. funded B. financial C. financing D. finance

  3. The environmental impact of tourism can be shocking and upsetting, but many governments think it is .

    1. negative B. comprehensive

C. bad D. acceptable

  1. In the recent decades, greater cultural has been encouraged by tourism.

    1. contact B. relation C. touch D. details

  2. The majority of people agree that modern drugs are the most effective way to cure a(n)

    1. treatment B. symptom C. illness D. sicken

  3. The government should take to reduce the current high unemployment rate.

    1. solutions B. charge C. measures D. steps

  4. Janet has to travel a lot in her new job. She is on the all the time.

    1. field B. mood C. way D. go

  5. Many companies now advertise their new products by distributing free in public places.

    1. deals B. examples C. instances D. samples

  6. While there has been a significant in the sales figures, there has been no corresponding profit growth because of increased production costs.

    1. addition B. form

C. boost D. encouragement

  1. There can be no doubt that recent statements the company’s true financial position were misleading.

    1. referring B. dealing C. concerning D. respecting
Exercise 6: Mark theletter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. Before choosing a job, you should take into consideration several including the supply and demand for professionals in any particular field.

    1. turns B. factors C. remarks D. sides

  2. The Business Advisory Council has been specially designed for those in of advice about setting up new businesses.

    1. absence B. duty C. want D. need

  3. The city has of young consumers who are sensitive to trends, and can, therefore, help industries predict the potential risks and success of products.

    1. a high rate B. a high proportion

C. a high tendency D. a great level

  1. Don’t

to conclusions, we don’t yet know all the relevant facts.

    1. hurry B. jump C. rush D. run

  1. I wonder if you could me a small favour, Tom?

    1. bring B. make C. give D. do

  1. Scientists warn that many of the world’s great cities are


    1. being B. at risk C. in danger of D. endangered

  1. The boy’s strange behavior aroused the of the shop assistant.

    1. thought B. consideration

C. expectations D. suspicions

  1. The young should themselves in social activities.

    1. determine B. serve C. involve D. promote

  2. I know from that everything will be all right.

    1. conscience B. experience C. wisdom D. care

  3. Your second essay improvement on the first one.

    1. showed B. made C. cast D. presented
Exercise 7: Mark the letter Á, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. The Women’s World Cup is

in popularity.

    1. competing B. establishing C. advancing D. growing

  1. Our class team has won four football matches.

    1. successful B. unsuccessful C. success D. successive

  2. We interviewed a number of candidates but none of them us.

    1. enlivened B. encouraged C. delighted D. impressed

  1. to British universities depends on examination results.

    1. Admission B. Admittance C. Permission D. Permit

  2. I prefer jobs because I don’t like keep on moving and changing all the time.

    1. demanding B. challenging C. tough D. secure

  3. The investment has had on the development of our project.

    1. results B. progress C. interruptions D. effects

  4. In China, there are still a lot of families sharing the same house.

    1. extent B. extension C. extended D. extensive

  5. The deadline is coming, and we still have a lot of problems.

    1. unsolving B. dissolved C. unsolved D. solving

  6. He received a medal in for his bravery.

    1. turns B. response C. favour D. reward

  7. He left the country arrest if he returned.

    1. in fear that B. with fear of

C. under threat of D. with threat of
Exercise 8: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. Governments have laws to protect wildlife from commercial trade and overhunting.

    1. practised B. acted C. enacted D. observed

  2. He was chosen for the post because of his keenness and of responsibility.

    1. sense B. meaning C. from D. way

  3. My brother rarely responsibilities in the family, which makes my father really angry.

    1. gets B. takes C. receives D. puts on

  4. My mother always that we leave home for school with breakfast.

    1. ensures herself B. checks again

C. takes certain D. makes sure

  1. The shop assistant is ready to me a helping hand. She was very nice.

    1. offer B. take C. get D. lend

  2. Many people do not realize that they are causing disasters themselves.

    1. for B. to C. with D. about

  3. Forests all over the world are being into deserts.

    1. switched B. turned C. sent D. transferred

  4. Many countries have built to carry water to desert areas.

    1. rivers B. channels C. canals D. lakes

  5. People living in that area are the threat lead poisoning.

    1. in—on B. with-to C. under-of D. on-for

  6. Maps are made with the help of photography.

    1. air B. aeronautics C. aerial D. aeroplane
Exercise 9: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. The dunes in the Simpson Desert have gently western faces and eastern faces.

    1. sloping - steep B. downward - upward

C. shallow - deep D. low - high

  1. The great stretches of sandy desert almost the centre of Australia.

    1. round B. circle C. hold D. keep

  2. Spinifex grows on the slopes of the dunes, which are up to 20 metres .

    1. in high B. of height C. high D. tall

  3. Hummock grasses grow in sand on the crest, the top of the slope.

    1. loose B. lost C. lose D. loosened

  4. I saw a very nice apartment, I decided to rent it right away.

    1. if B. because C. so D. but

  5. A newborn baB, Can neither walk nor crawl. A newborn antelope, , can run with minutes of birth.

    1. however B. so C. otherwise D. even though

  6. Endangered animals should be well protected in their natural .

    1. position B. condition C. habitat D. status

  7. The government has different measures to protect the wildlife.

    1. made B. listed C. done D. taken

  8. One of the conservation efforts is the development of wildlife .

    1. conserves B. reserves C. reservoirs D. reverses

  9. Commercial exploration has driven many species to the of extinction.

    1. verge B. bank C. limit D. edge
Exercise 10: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. The biggest company in our local area is the verge of bankruptcy.

    1. in B. on C. at D. to

  2. The Congress has laws to protect wildlife from commercial trade and overhunting.

    1. implied B. carried C. acted D. passed

  3. The book is so interesting that I can hardly it .

    1. get - down B. pick - up

C. put - down D. not put - down

  1. Books are a wonderful of knowledge.

    1. source B. resource C. flow D. provision

  2. She had just enough time to the report before the meeting.

    1. turn round B. dip into C. get through D. go into

  1. Penicillin, the first antibiotic that successfully killed bacteria and cured infections, was discovered

    1. B, Comparison B. by accident C. by Choice D. by heart

  2. If a water polo game is tied, there are two periods of three minutes each.

    1. overdue B. overlong C. overwork D. overtime

  3. The player was ejected after committing five personal .

    1. mistakes B. faults C. fouls D. errors

  4. Sports competitions are held to cooperation and solidarity among countries.

    1. grow B. upgrade C. spring up D. promote

  5. We have made careful preparations to welcome the from 40 countries.

    1. acquaintances B. attendants C. delegates D. hosts
Exercise 11: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. The footballers often sing the national at the beginning of a match.

    1. version B. lyrics C. anthem D. composition

  2. The 22nd Southeast Asian Games were the first big sports event Vietnam .

    1. owned B. hosted C. presented D. led

  3. swimming involves the players who perform beautiful maneuvers to music underwater.

    1. Athletic B. Synchronized C. Aquatic D. Artistic

  4. Our basketball team successfully the championship.

    1. protected B. held C. assured D. defended

  5. When we reached the top of the hill, it was getting .

    1. darkest B. the darker and the darker

C. darker and darker D. the darkest

  1. Michael is obviously anybody else here.

    1. more and more talented B. talented as

C. more talented than D. the most talented among

  1. you give the answer, .

    1. The quicker - the better you can get marks

    2. The more quickly - the better marks you can get

    3. More quickly - better marks you can get

    4. The quickest - the best marks you can get

  2. As you get , your memory gets .

    1. old - worse B. older - worse

C. oldest - worst D. older - bad

  1. I am having my colleagues.

    1. responsibilities more than B. more than responsibilities

C. more responsibilities than D. as much responsibilities as

  1. Although John is than us, he is at work.

    1. as young - less experienced

    2. younger - much more experienced

    3. not older - more much experienced

    4. older - least experienced
Exercise 12: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. the Tet holidays come, the children feel.

    1. The more near - the more exciting

    2. The nearer - the more exciting

    3. The nearer - the more excited

    4. Nearer - more excited

  2. They solved the problems we had expected.

    1. more effective than B. most effectively as

C. more effectively than D. as effective as

  1. Although I have

my cousin, I felt .

    1. fewer money happier B. more money - more happy

C. much money than - less happy D. less money than - happier

  1. The institute was by a famous scientist.

    1. put up B. set out C. erected D. founded

  2. Women in developing countries have spent time looking for encouragement from the society.


    1. realization B. modernization C. development D. recognition

  1. The Red Cross is to giving medical aid and other help to victims of disasters.

    1. aimed B. promoted C. dedicated D. designed

  2. In 1864, twelve nations signed the first Geneva Convention, down rules for the treatment and protection of the wounded.

    1. laying B. lying C. lied D. laid

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