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Exercise 8. (Deduction, perfect modals) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  1. I wasn't in the office yesterday, so you must have spoken to my assistant.

I wasn't in the office yesterday, so it .

  1. I'm sure it wasn't Mrs. Elton you saw because she's in Bristol.

It can't .

  1. I am certain he finished all his exercises and went shopping.

He must .

  1. It is impossible that Andy is having a bath.

Andy can’t .

  1. I am sure they are hungry now.

They must .

  1. It is impossible that John is at school right now.

John can’t .

  1. Nam was not at home either. Perhaps he went out with his girlfriend.

Nam might .

  1. I am sure that Tina didn’t steal the money.

Tina couldn’t .

  1. Certainly Kate wrote the article.

The article must .

  1. I am sure Helen is playing the guitar now.

Helen must .

  1. In the event, the extra insurance we took out wasn't necessary.

In the event, we .

  1. It was careless of you to leave the window open last night.

You shouldn't .

  1. It was a mistake of mine to park my car outside the police station.

I shouldn’t .

  1. I gave Ted the message, but he already knew about it.

I needn’t .

  1. Tom wished he had studied harder for his graduation exams.

Tom should .

  1. It was wrong of you not to call the fire brigade at once.

You should .

  1. Francis didn’t try as hard as he should have to find his brother.

Francis ought .

  1. It was essential that Mike listen to your advice, but he didn’t.

Mike should. .

  1. James was not told the news a long time ago although it was necessary for him. James should .

  2. The father gave the daughter too much money, but she did not spend much.

The father needn’t .

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