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Exercise 6. (Conditionals, I wish, Past Subjunctive) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  1. The only reason Jimmy often gets bad marks is because he is lazy.

If Jimmy .

  1. We got lost because we didn’t have a map.

If we .

  1. We didn’t go on holiday because we did not have enough money.

If we .

  1. She didn’t hurry, so she missed the train.

If she .

  1. I bought beef because I didn’t know she couldn’t eat it.

If I .

  1. Providing that you leave a forwarding address, we will be able to contact you. Unless .

  2. Unless you save some money, you will never be able to buy a car. Provided that .

  3. The boys don’t have any matches, so they can’t light the fire.

If the boys .

  1. The new car was so expensive that he didn’t buy it.

If .

  1. In the event of your failing your driving test, would you take it again? Supposing that .

  2. The captain said, “If that tanker breaks up, there will be an oil slick all along the coast.”

The captain told us that if .

  1. If you don’t water these flowers, they will die soon.

Unless .

  1. It was his incompetence that led to their failure.

If .

  1. Given fair warning, I could have avoided that date.

If you had .

  1. We didn’t finish the work because of his carelessness.

If he .

  1. My husband didn’t leave the car keys, so I couldn’t pick him up at the station. If my husband .

  2. Working for this travel agency will not be possible without a good command of English.

Unless .

  1. If you followed my advice, you would be successful.

Were .

  1. The company will probably make a profit next year.

I wouldn't .

  1. It was the weakness of the foundations that led to the collapse of the building. If .

  2. It was the goalkeeper that saved the match for us.

Had it .

  1. It was his over-confidence that led to his defeat in the Wimbledon final. If .

  2. We will put out to sea if the weather is good.

Provided that .

  1. Thanks to Mary's support I was able to finish the project.

Had it .

  1. Thanks to his aunt's legacy of $10,000 he was able to buy the house he wanted. Had his .

  2. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money.

Were it .

  1. It's my opinion that you should take more exercise.

If I .

  1. Without his wife's constant support, he would never have achieved his ambition,

If he .

  1. I found it a very readable book, which is why I was able to get through it so quickly. If it .

  2. Follow this instruction carefully and you won't have any problems.

As long as .

  1. He lives for the others and he finds his life meaningful.

Unless .

  1. I didn't realize he was the author and that's why I was so rude about his new book.

Had I .

  1. If she hadn't insisted on kissing everyone goodbye, she would have caught the train. If it hadn't .

  2. if his solicitor hadn't advised him, he would have made a serious mistake.

Had it .

  1. Mr, Watson managed to repair the garage roof only because his neighbour helped him. Without .

  2. Richard only took over the family business because his father decided to retire early. But for .

  3. Thanks to his great speed, John won the gold medal.

But for .

  1. Keeping calm is the secret of passing your driving test.

As long as .

  1. He didn’t study his lessons carefully, so he gets bad marks now.

If he .

  1. There was no point trying to phone as he never answers the phone after midnight.

Even if I .

  1. Brenda is a star because a famous director saw her act in a school play.

Unless .

  1. It's such a pity your sister can't come as well.

If only .

  1. I’m sorry that I didn’t finish my homework last night.

I wish .

  1. They regret ever doing business with him.

They wish .

  1. It’s a pity I didn’t take my doctor’s advice.

I wish .

  1. Mary says she’d like to have been put in a higher class.

Mary wishes .

  1. My English is not fluent enough to go for the interview.

If only .

  1. It is a pity that you didn’t tell us about your mother’s problem.

I wish .

  1. Maria didn’t apply for the job in that international company, and regrets it now. Maria wishes .

  1. Mrs. Taylor does not like living in such a small house.

Mrs. Taylor wishes .

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