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Exercise 5. (Comparison) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  1. I don’t have any hats as cheap as this one.

This hat is .

  1. Home computers used to be much more expensive.

Home computers aren’t .

  1. There isn't anywhere as nice as your own country, is there?

Nowhere is ?

  1. People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to.

The smoking of cigarettes .

  1. She knows a lot more about it than I do.

I don’t know .

  1. Everyone heard about the accident before I did.

I was the .

  1. Couldn't you find a better hotel?

Is this _?

  1. That is the best meal I have ever eaten.

I have never .

  1. He has never behaved so violently before.

He is behaving .

  1. He is the man most likely to win the race.

No one stands a .

  1. I can't describe people as well as you can.

You are_ .

  1. More people are infected with HIV this year than they were 5 years ago. Not as many people .

  2. Peter is a better mechanic than Jim.

Jim is not .

  1. 6,000 pounds is a better offer than you have ever had before.

You have never had .

  1. I thought that Martin's last novel was more interesting.

Martin's latest novel .

  1. The President is the statesman I admire most of all.

There is no statesman .

  1. My mother is the most warm-hearted person I have ever known.

I have .

  1. The Pacific Ocean is on average deeper than the Atlantic.

The average .

  1. It was more an argument than a discussion.

It was not so much .

  1. In my opinion, he is the best pianist in the whole orchestra.

In my opinion, there is .

  1. What I earn in a month he earns in a week.

He earns .

  1. The north-west of Britain has more rain each year than the south-east. The annual .

  2. Skyscrapers in the USA are on average higher than anywhere else in the world. The average .

  1. There weren't nearly as many people there as I had expected.

There were far .

  1. You are the best guitarist in the world.

No one .

  1. If you run a lot, you will become healthy.

The more .

  1. My boss works better when he's pressed for work.

The less .

  1. As I get older, I want to travel less.

The older .

  1. His fondness for the game increase with his proficiency.

The more .

  1. Success in the academic field depends on your ability to get qualifications. The more .

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