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Exercise 4. (Causative form, relative clauses) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  1. The decorators have finished our first floor.

We have .

  1. The gas explosion blew out all the shop windows.

All the shops .

  1. Mr. Dryden mended the washing machine for me.

I had .

  1. If the work is finished by lunchtime, you can go home.

Get .

  1. They serviced her car yesterday.

She had .

  1. Somebody stole his watch yesterday.

He _.

  1. Somebody repaired her car yesterday.

She .

  1. My suit needs to be cleaned before the interview.

I must .

  1. My sister helps me wash my clothes when I am busy.

When I am busy, I often get .

  1. The manager usually asks his personal assistant to sort out his documents. The manager usually has .

  2. Everyone was surprised that the singer had very little money when he died. The singer had .

  3. I have forgotten that poet’s name, but he is very well-known.

That poet, _.

  1. I work in the factory which has more than one thousand employees. There are .

  2. I'm only interested in why he did it

The only thing .

  1. The football team have won all their matches this season, and their manager is a famous Spanish footballer.

The football team, .

  1. I spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs only last week just before they died in that terrible train accident.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, .

  1. Michael laughed when I told him the joke.

The joke _.

  1. I know this reporter's background well and he is absolutely honest.

This reporter, .

  1. Because there was late frost, much of the fruit crop was spoiled.

A frost which .

  1. A man I don’t know told me about that.

I was .

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