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She advised me . Exercise 3. (Passive voice) Finish each of the following sentences in such that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.

  1. The zoo keepers feed the lions at 3 pm every day.

The lions .

  1. They haven’t cleaned the street this week.

The street .

  1. The architect has drawn plans for an extension to the house.

Plans .

  1. They make these artificial flowers of glossy paper.

These artificial .

  1. The leak was repaired by the plumber this morning.

The plumber .

  1. They will have to make new projects for extra places in schools.

New projects .

  1. We can avoid serious injuries by wearing seat-belts in cars.

Serious injuries .

  1. People believe that the Chinese invented paper in 105 A.D.

Paper .

  1. They believe that the robbers got into the bank through the roof.

The robbers are .

  1. People think that acid rain is now a familiar problem in the industrialized countries in Europe.

Acid rain is_ .

  1. Thousands of tourists visit the spectacular ruins of Mayan civilization every year.

The spectacular ruins .

  1. Experts say that the fall in the birth rate between 1990 and 1995 caused the drop in the number of school leavers.

The drop in the number of school leavers _.

  1. People think that the climate is changing.

The climate .

  1. It's thought that the accident was caused by human error.

The accident is .

  1. Don't touch this switch.

This switch _.

  1. A fire destroyed most of the old city of London in the 1600s.

The destruction of the old city of London in the 1600s .

  1. We have a six o'clock deadline for this work.

This work must .

  1. I didn't let him know what I was thinking.

He was not _.

  1. The number of people killed in industrial accidents is now fifteen.

Already this year

  1. No one has challenged his authority before.

This is the first time _.

  1. The usher showed us to our seats.

We .

  1. The robbers made the bank manager hand over all the money.

The bank manager .

  1. What mainly distinguishes man from other animals is the power of speech.

Man _.

  1. Is it really necessary for me to type the application?

Does the application ?

  1. The authorities will prosecute anyone they find trespassing on this land. Anyone found

  2. Oil was slowly covering the edge of the shore.

The edge of the shore _.

  1. Someone has suggested abolishing income tax.

It has .

  1. We may not able to give the party.

The party may have .

  1. The police let him leave after they had questioned him.

He was .

  1. He has numerous operations.

He has been .

  1. They have recently improved the bus service in this town.

Some improvements .

  1. They will not announce the decision formally.

No formal .

  1. We have no seats left for the concert on December 14th.

All the seats for the concert on December 14th .

  1. It is said that there is plenty of oil off our own coast.

There is .

  1. Perhaps no one will ever know what happened that fateful night.

What happened that fateful night .

  1. The secretary didn't reply me for ten days.

No reply from the secretary .

  1. We may not be able to give the concert.

The concert .

  1. My parents let me go abroad alone for the first time last year.

I was .

  1. It is thought that the prisoner was recaptured while drinking in a pub.

The prisoner .

  1. The deadline for the receipt of completed application forms is 3 pm on Friday, 18th December.

Completed application forms must .

  1. Sally’s parents gave her a new iPad for her birthday.

Sally .

  1. Mr. Hill teaches his students to understand different English accents.

Mr. Hill’s students_ .

  1. Did they build the garage at the same time as the house?

Was the garage ?

  1. For further information, please send a self-addressed envelope to the above address. Further information .

  2. The manager was very astounded when they told him about the robbery.

On .

  1. Is it essential to meet your aunt at the station?

Does you aunt really need ?

  1. It is essential that Professor Van Helsing will be met at the airport.

Professor Van Helsing .

  1. Customs officials are stopping more travellers than usual this week.

An increased number of travellers .

  1. They couldn't find the manager anywhere.

The manager was .

  1. The poor should not be despised.

Do .

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