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Exercise 2: Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

European concern for wildlife was outlined by Dr. Peter Baum, an expert on the environment and nature resources division of the council, when he spoke at a conference arranged by the administrators of a British national park. The park is one of the few areas in Europe to hold the council’s diploma for nature reserves of the highest quality, and Dr. Baum had come to present it to the park once again. He was afraid that public opinion was turning against national parks, and that those set up in the 1960s and 1970s could not be set up today. But Dr. Baum clearly remained a strong supporter of the view that natural environments needed to be allowed to survive in peace in their own right.

No area could be expected to survive both as a true nature reserve and as a tourist attraction, he went on. The short view that reserves had to serve immediately human demands for outdoor recreation should be replaced by full acceptance of their importance as places to preserve nature for the future.

“We forget that they are the guarantee of life systems, on which any built-up area ultimately depends,” Dr. Baum went on. “We could manage without most industrial products, but we could not manage without nature. However, our natural environment areas, which are the original parts of our countryside, have shrunk to become mere islands in a spoiled and highly land mass.”

  1. Recent studies by the Council of Europe show that .

    1. it is only in Britain that wildlife needs more protection

    2. all species of wildlife in Europe are in danger of dying out

    3. the public is not in favor of national parks as before

    4. certain species of reptiles and butterflies in Europe need protecting

  1. Dr. Baum, a representative of the Council, visited one particular British national park because .

    1. he was presenting the park with a diploma for its achievement

    2. he was concerned about how the park was being run

    3. it was the only national park of its kind in Europe

    4. it was the only park which had ever received a diploma from the Council

  2. Although it is difficult nowadays to convince the public of the importance of nature reserves, Dr. Baum felt that .

    1. people would support moves to create more environment areas

    2. people would carry on supporting those natural parks in existence

    3. existing natural parks would need to be more independent to survive

    4. certain areas of countryside should be left undisturbed by man

  3. In Dr. Baum’s opinion, a true nature reserve .

    1. could never survive in a modem age

    2. should provide buildings for human activities

    3. should be regarded as a place where nature is protected

    4. could provide special areas for tourists to enjoy

  4. Although we all depend on the resources of nature for our survival .

    1. industrial products are replacing all our natural resources

    2. it is only on islands that nature survives

    3. we have forgotten what our original countryside looks like

    4. we have allowed areas of countryside to be spilt by industrial development

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