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Exercise 6: Mark the letter Ay B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “I think the new resort will ruin the environment.” “ ”

    1. I’m afraid so. B. Don’t you think so?

C. I agree. It sounds nice. D. Let’s go there.


“OK. Where shall we go?”

  1. Shall we go the jazz concert?

  2. Have you done the shopping?

  3. Oh, reading books and going shopping.

  4. I want to go shopping.

  1. “Would you mind sending those flowers to Mr. Brown?” “

A. Sure, I’ll do it now. B. I would if I were you.

C. He wouldn’t mind. D. No, I can handle it myself.

  1. “I’ve got two tickets for the show.”

A. Oh, anything else? B. Thanks. I can afford the tickets,

C. That’s great. When is it? D. Oh, let’s go and get the tickets.

  1. “Go two blocks and then you’re there.” “

A. Excuse me. How can I get there? B. OK, thanks.

C. No, thanks. D. I’m sorry I don’t know.

  1. “Would you like to order now?”

    1. Yes, I like beef steak. B. Yes, I’d like beef steak,

C. It’s excellent. D. Yes, a table for five.


“ “Oh, really? Why?”

  1. What do I do next?

  2. When do you have class again?

  3. You have a doctor’s appointment at ten.

  4. Our tomorrow’s class has been canceled.

  1. “Hi, I’d like some information about driving lessons.”

    1. I’m afraid I can’t drive. B. Sure, could I have your name and address?

C. From 9 am to 5 pm. D. Sure, please do.

  1. “I think golf is really great.” “ ”

    1. Do you? I think it’s boring. B. Don’t you believe so?

C. Neither do I. D. Almost every day.

  1. “That was a boring book.” “

    1. No, it’s very boring. B. Yes, it was exciting,

C. It certainly was. D. I think it will be good.
Exercise 7: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “Guess what! I was just invited to the manager’s house for dinner.” “ ”

A. What’s that? B. Oh, how nice.

C. Well done. D. Really? I don’t think so.

  1. “So how are things at school, Tom?” “

A. Well, I can’t agree with you. B. I was not good at it.

C. Oh, pretty good, actually. D. It’s my pleasure.

  1. “Do you fancy going to a movie this evening?”

A. I’m sorry. I don’t know that. B. Not at all. go ahead,

C. Not so bad. And you? D. That would be nice.

  1. “We’ve been here before.”

A. Oh, have we? B. How nice!

C. How lovely! D. No, we didn’t.

  1. Could I speak to Ann?” “

A. This is Daisy speaking. B. Can I take a message?

C. Just a moment. I'm coming. D. I’m sorry. Ann's not in.

  1. “Well, it’s been nice talking to you.” “

A. Yes, nice to have met you too. B. Oh, yes. I’m afraid so.

C. Nice to meet you, too. D. Have you been here long?

  1. “Did you hear about the robbery the other day?” “

A. Yes, it was great. B. No, what happened?

C. Oh, no. D. Oh, sure. Thanks.

  1. “I don’t think we should exercise late at night.” “ ”

A. Neither do I. B. So do I.

C. I think so, too. D. I don’t, neither.

  1. “Sorry, the manager is not here.” “

A. Can I take a message then? B. Can I speak to the manager, please?

C. Can I leave a message then? D. Would you like to leave a message?

  1. “It was very kind of you to help me out, Paul” “

    1. I’m glad you like it. B. Thanks a million,

C. That was the least I could do. D. You can say that again.
Exercise 8: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of +

  1. “I hear The Golden Bride is a very good film.” “

    1. Yes, it’s very exciting. B. No, I don’t hear that,

C. Yes, it’s boring. D. No, I hear it, too.

  1. “What would you like to do at the weekend?” “

    1. I like to do a lot. B. I can’t stand it.

  1. I’d like to see a football match. D. I don’t like the weekend.


“What’s the matter with your son?”


He went to London two weeks ago.


He’s just graduated from university,


He’s got a headache.

  1. He did an experiment on a cure for the headache.

  1. “What’s the weather like in Vietnam now?” “

    1. It’s sunny and hot.

    2. It’s summer now.

    3. We have dry season and rainy season.

    4. It often rains in spring.

  2. Customer: “ ”

Salesman: “It’s over there, next to desserts.”

    1. I’m sorry. I didn't buy the tea and coffee.

    1. Can you help me? I can’t carry the tea and coffee,

    2. How much is a kilo of tea and coffee?

    3. Excuse me, where’s the tea and coffee?

  1. “Can you come down and help me with my shopping?” “ ”

    1. What are you doing? B. I am coming.

C. Can’t you buy me some stamps? D. I am looking forward.

  1. Mr. Simon: “What shall I do when I want to call you?”

Nurse: “ ”

    1. Stay here and enjoy yourself.

    2. You shall find the red button on the left,

    3. Press the red button on the left.

    4. I’d come every ten minutes.

  1. “Would you like to meet Mrs. Gale?” “

    1. I don’t know where she is living. B. I’d love to.

C. I find it very interesting. D. I can make an appointment with her.

  1. “Do you need any help?”

    1. No, thanks. I’m too weak to lift this box.

    2. No, thanks. I’m strong enough to lift this box.

    3. Yes, thanks. I’m too strong to lift this box.

    4. Yes, thanks. I’m weak enough to lift this box.


“That’s all right. I can mend it.”

  1. I’m sorry about the dirt.

  2. I’m sorry I broke the cup.

  3. I do apologize for her rudeness.

  4. It was all fault. I shouldn’t have saidthat.
Exercise 9: Mark the letter A, B, C, or Dto indicate the correct answer to each the following questions.

  1. “Would you like another cup of coffee?” “

    1. Me, too. B. It’s a pleasure,

C. Very kind of your part. D. I’d love one.

  1. “Would you like me to get you a taxi?”

    1. Well. Let’s see. B. Yes, please, if it’s not bother,

C. Yes, I see. D. That would be delightful. Thanks.

  1. “How does this machine work exactly?” “

    1. What have you done to it? B. It’s my pleasure,

C. Certainly. D. It’s very simple. I’ll show you.

  1. “Sorry, I’m late, Peter.”

    1. No, I wouldn’t mind at all. B. Not on my account,

C. That’s all right. D. Well, it’s worth a try.

  1. “Why don’t you come over and see the new film with me?” “

    1. I’m afraid not. B. Great, I’d love to.

C. Sure. Please do. D. Wow! I didn’t realize that.

  1. “Do you like that advanced course you’re taking, John?” “

    1. No, thanks. B. By and large, yes.

C. Not me. I’m still waiting. D. No, not everyone.

  1. “Do you know where Paul is?” “

    1. Pardon, I don’t know. B. I’m afraid I don’t,

C. Why not? D. It’s no use.

  1. “Do you mind if I use your phone?” “

    1. Not at all. Help yourself. B. You can say that again,

C. Sorry, I have no idea. D. Certainly, it’s true.

  1. “Do you want me to turn up the heater?” “ ”

A. It’s my pleasure. B. No, go right ahead,

C. No, it’s quite warm here. D. Thanks. I’ll be right back.“

  1. Excuse me, can you tell me where I can catch a bus to London, please?” “ ”

    1. Yes, please. B. Sorry, I’m new here myself,

C. Sure, go ahead. D. OK. Here’s your ticket.
Exercise 10: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “You look nice in these blue jeans, Ann.” “ ”

    1. Don’t mention it. B. Don’t bother,

C. You can say that again. D. Thanks.

  1. “I wonder if you could help me.” “ ”

    1. Don’t mention it. B. Really? How nice,

C. I’ll do my best. What’s up? D. No, what is it?

  1. “You won the first prize, Jane.” “

    1. You are very welcome. B. Congratulations!

C. You are kidding. D. Well done.

  1. “Didn’t you go to the cinema last night?” “ ”

    1. Yes. I lost the ticket. B. Yes, I stayed at home,

C. No. It was too cold to go out. D. OK. That’s a good idea.

  1. “Well, I hope you enjoyed your meal.” “

    1. Oh, absolutely delicious. B. Yes, that’s right.

C. No problem. D. Yes, it’s very interesting.

  1. “Do you have the time, please?” “

    1. I’d rather not. B. Sure. I have plenty of time,

C. No, I haven’t. I’m busy. D. Sorry. I don’t have a watch now.

  1. “Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight?” “ ”

  1. No, thanks. I’d better do it myself.

  2. Thanks for asking. I just need an early night.

  3. Why not? Staying at home is always what I want.

  4. Are there any good programmes on TV tonight?

  1. “How long will it take to finish that report?” “

    1. It’s about 10 pages long. B. I agree. It’s very long.

C. I’ll report it to the manager. D. I’ll have it finished by next week.

  1. “What is Mary’s new boyfriend like?” “

    1. He’s from the next town. B. He’s intelligent and humorous,

C. She likes him a lot. D. He likes tennis and baseball.

  1. “It is very kind of you to invite us to your party.” “

A. No, thanks. B. Good idea, thanks,

C. OK. That’s great. D. It’s my pleasure.
Exercise 11: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “ ” “Yes, there’s plenty of room.’

    1. How big is the new wardrobe? B. How much is the new wardrobe?

C. It’s a big wardrobe, isn’t it? D. What is the new wardrobe like?

  1. “What did you send to Mr. Smith?” “ ”

  1. I lent him a report, C. I sent him to the scene.

  2. I wrote a report for him. D. I sent him a copy of the report.

  1. “How would you like your tea?” “ ”

A. With milk, please, B. Thank you very much.

C. Yes, please. Thanks. D. It’s fantastic. Thank you.

  1. “I’m sorry for being late.” “

    1. Of course, not. B. That’s for sure.

C. Yes, that’s right. You can do it. D. You’d better not do it again.

  1. “You stepped on my toes.” “

    1. Really? I am glad.

    2. I am sorry but I meant it.

    3. Are you sure? Did you take any steps?

    4. I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean it.


“Really? What did he say?”

  1. Is Tom the one who won the lottery?

  2. Can you call Tom tomorrow?

  3. Tom just went to California for a holiday.

  4. I ran into Tom on the way to work.

  1. “You look great in the new dress.” “ ”

    1. That’s fine. Thank you. B. Yours is lovely, too.

C. You are welcome. D. Of course not. You bet!

  1. “Sorry to interrupt you but could I have a word here?” “

    1. Could you just wait until I finish? B. Well, it’s beyond my control.

C. Thank you for your listening. D. It’s none of my business.

  1. “What do you think of football?”

    1. I am crazy about it. B. The football players are excellent.

C. It’s none of my business. D. It’s beyond my expectation.


“Every two months.”

  1. When do you see your dentist?

  2. How frequently do you see your dentist?

  3. How much time do you see your dentist?

  4. How long ago did you see your dentist?
Exercise 12: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.


“Unfortunately, I didn’t.”

  1. Can you pick me up from the airport?

  2. Can you do me favour? The suitcase is too heavy,

  3. Did you install any anti-viruses software?

  4. Have you bought any anti-viruses software?

  1. “I had a great evening. Thank you.”

    1. Shall we go now? B. It was not really,

C. I’m glad you came. D. Did you enjoy enough?

  1. “Have you checked your email today?” “

    1. No, I’ll check it later. B. No, it costs a lot.

C. All right. I’ll do it for you. D. Yes, it’s getting extremely slow.

  1. “When did you last meet Jane?” “ ”

    1. We will meet again next week. B. The first time was two years ago.

C. She was in Rome. D. I don’t remember.

  1. “How far is the post office?” “

    1. It’s quite old. B. You’d better call a taxi,

C. It’s being constructed. D. It’s quite slow. I think.

  1. “You should have flown with the earlier flight.” “

A. Yes, I did. B. Thank you very much,

C. Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that. D. It was fully booked.

  1. ” “I would love to. Thank you.”

    1. Would you like a cake?

    2. Would you like to go to the new coffee shop with me?

    1. Why do you spend so much time playing games?

    2. What would you do if you could afford a car?

  1. “I’m having some friends over for dinner this evening. Would you like to join us?” “ ”

    1. Thanks, but I mustn’t. B. Come on. It’s your turn,

C. Can I take a rain check? D. As a matter of fact, I do.

  1. “I wondered if you could give me a lift home.” “ ”

    1. Really? Are you sure? B. Of course, I can.

C. That’s fine. Thank you. D. Well, it’s raining outside.


” “I am glad you liked it.”

  1. Thank you for a great evening. The food was so good.

  2. I like your handbag. It’s fantastic.

  3. Could you drop by tomorrow, please?

  4. It’s going to rain. I have to leave now.
Exercise 13: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. “Oh, no. I can’t find my credit card.” “ ”

    1. Don’t worry. They will be back soon.

    2. Try to remember when you last used it.

    3. It is a nice surprise. You should be glad about it.

    4. Thank you for letting me know.

  2. “What is the purpose of your visit?”

    1. My next stop is London. B. I’ve been here for two days,

C. I’m attending a meeting. D. I’m not sure.

  1. “My apartment has a view of the river.”

    1. Yes, it is. B. I’ve been there,

C. Guess what. D. You are lucky.

  1. “How does this machine work?” “ ”

A. I think it’s quite heavy. B. Will you call the mechanic?

C. Plug it in and press the button. D. It’s very expensive.

  1. “ ” “It’s Bill’s.”

    1. Who borrowed your hat? B. Who said this is Bill’s hat?

C. Who did you buy the hat for? D. Whose is the hat you are wearing?

  1. “Do you know that this house is haunted?” “ ”

    1. Yes, I would. Go ahead. B. Where on earth have you been?

C. Haunted? You are pulling my leg. D. Who was haunted?

  1. “Let me give you a lift home.” “

    1. Don’t mention it. B. I like lifts.

C. If you don’t mind. D. You’re very welcome.

  1. “Would you mind getting me a cup of coffee?” “

    1. I never drink coffee. B. No, thanks.

C. Cream and sugar, please. D. It’s my pleasure.

  1. “Why didn’t you pay the telephone bill?”

    1. Yes, of course. B. Thank you for all that,

C. I did. D. Well, it’s too late.

  1. Could you wait until I come back?” “

    1. That would be great. B. I’d rather not. Sorry,

C. Yes. Please do it. D. Thank you very much.
Exercise 14: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. “Do you like rock music?”

A. It’s not quite well. B. I’m very interested in them,

C. I do love it so much. D. That’s understandable.

  1. “Can we start the meeting now?” “

    1. Yesterday we met all day. C. It takes five hours.

    2. Yes, I was very glad to be here. D. No, not everyone has arrived yet.

  2. “It wasn’t an important meeting.” “ ”

    1. Do you think it’s important?

    2. Yes, it was a very well-organized meeting,

    3. Right. The meeting was unimportant.

    4. Right. The meeting was very important.


“Thank you. We are proud of him.”

  1. Your child is just a genius.

  2. Your kid is naughty.

  3. I can give him a lift to school.

  4. Can we ask your child to take a photo?

  1. “Is it very hot in summer here?” “ ”

    1. Well, it’s too late for the weather forecast.

    2. Well, it depends on the rainfall.

    3. I’m sorry. I missed the weather forecast.

    4. Yes, we have high rainfall.


“Try some sleeping pills.”

A. I just can’t sleep well lately. B. Did you have a good sleep?

C. Do you have sleeping pills? D. Can you sleep well?

  1. “I love strawberries. How about you? Do you like them?” “

    1. I’m pretty fine, thanks. B. No, I can’t stand them,

C. No, they always stand there. D. No, I’m standing here.

  1. “We’ve got time for a coffee, haven’t we?”

    1. Why not? B. I’ll have tea, please,

C. A quick one maybe. D. I’d prefer tea.

  1. “I’m sorry. I broke your vase.” “ ”

    1. I’d rather not. B. Don’t worry. Things break,

C. OK. Go ahead. D. Yes, certainly.

  1. “Are you going to Tom’s farewell party tonight?” “

    1. That’s surprising. B. I’m not sure yet. And you?

C. It’s too hot in here. D. They are not my favourite.
Exercise 15: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.

  1. “Can you type this letter before you go home?” “

    1. No, thanks. I can manage. B. Yes, you may.

C. Yes, I’ll do it now. D. No, not very quickly.

2.“You must be very pleased. “ ”

A. Thanks very much. B. I don't have time

C. Actually, it’s a good idea. D. Yes, I am.

  1. “Would you mind closing the window?” “

    1. Yes, I think so. B. I will do it now.

C. Yes, very soon. D. Yes, you would.

  1. “Shall we eat out tonight?” “ ”

    1. That’s a good idea.

    2. That’s in question.

    3. It’s very kind of you to invite me.

    4. You’re welcome.


” “I can manage it. Thank you.”

  1. Can you manage the job?

  2. Let me carry the big bag for you.

  3. Do you need their support?

  4. Can you give me a hand with this?


“It’s not likely.”

  1. Is it important to attend university in a foreign country?

  2. Would you be interested in attending university in a foreign country?

  3. Is it possible to get a good job without attending university?

  4. How important is it to attend university?

  1. “How did you hear about his death?”

    1. It’s too bad. B. Your mother told me.

C. I don’t know him very well. D. I’m not sure why he died.

  1. “What do you think of those sunglasses? They are only $ 19.50.” “ ”

    1. They are nice. Try them on.

    2. They are made of supper plastic,

    1. They are imported from Taiwan.

    2. I don’t know if they are good on you.

  1. Could you have some more orange juice?” “

    1. Yes, all right. B. Yes, please.

C. That’s right. D. Don’t mention it.

  1. “Would you mind if I shut the window?” “ ”

    1. Yes, please shut. B. Yes, I wouldn’t mind,

C. No, please do. D. No, don’t shut it.

Trong các đề thi Trung học Phổ thông Quốc gia hai dạng bài tập đọc hiểu chính:

  • Dạng điền từ vào chỗ trống (guided cloze reading), nghĩa chọn một đáp án thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống. Dạng bài tập này dùng để kiểm tra khả năng sử dụng ngôn ngữ, khả năng phân tích.

  • Dạng đọc hiểu (reading comprehension), nghĩa chọn một đáp án thích hợp để trả lời mỗi câu hỏi. Dạng bài tập này dùng đế kiểm tra khả năng suy diễn, phân tích, tổng hợp các yếu tố văn hóa.

Đề thi Trung học Phổ thông Quốc gia thường ba bài đọc: một bài điền từ vào chỗ trống với 10 câu hỏi độ dài khoảng 200 từ, 2 bài đọc hiếu 10 câu hỏi cho mỗi bài độ dài của mỗi bài lần lượt 250 từ 400 từ.

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