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Exercise 5: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

  1. “I think the pants are a little big.” “ ”

    1. Are they big enough? B. You should get a bigger pair,

C. Yes, maybe a little. D. Yes, they are not big at all.


“Yes, it’s OK. But could you clean your room first?”

  1. Would you like to go to Helen’s party this weekend?

  2. Can I go to Helen’s party this weekend?

  3. What time does Helen’s party begin this weekend?

  4. I don’t like the noise at parties.

  1. “How late will the bank be open?” “ ”

    1. Its services are very good indeed. B. It is two blocks away,

C. It is not very far. D. It will be open until 6 pm.

  1. “Will the maths teacher give us a test this week?” “ ”

A.I doubt whether it’s easy. B. Yes, the test was difficult,

C. I don’t think he will come. D. No, he probably won’t.

  1. “What does this thing do?”

    1. I think it’s a waste of money, B. It sure does.

  1. It peels potatoes. D. I can use it well.


“Yes, I have a date.”

    1. Do you have any plans for tonight?

    2. Can I have an appointment with Dr. Adams?

    3. What’s the time, please?

    4. Do you have any plans tonight?

  1. May I take my break now?” “

A. No, you didn’t break it. B. I think I need five minutes,

C. I’ll be back in five minutes. D. Yes, of course.

  1. “Do you support the proposal to build a new airport?”

A. No, not really. B. No, I like it.

C. No, I don’t think you’re right. D. Yes, I’m against it.

  1. “Your job is pretty routine, then?” “

A. Yes, sometimes it’s a little boring. B. Yes, it’s really exciting,

  1. Yes, I love exciting work. D. Yes, it’s different every day.


“Oh, but it’s boring.”

    1. Don’t you like the news?

    2. Would you prefer news to films?

    3. I think you should watch the news.

    4. You often watch the news, don’t you?

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