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Exercise 3: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the

following questions.

  1. “Your boss looks like the aggressive type.”

    1. Yes, he really wants to get ahead. B. Yes, he’s quite gentle,

C. Really? I’ve never seen him lie. D. Right. He's so quiet.

  1. “How can this dress be so expensive?”

    1. Yes, it’s the most expensive. B. What an expensive dress!

C. You’re paying for the brand. D. That’s a good idea.

  1. “I get impatient when the teacher doesn’t tell us the answers.”

  1. Yes, it’s hard to think of the answers.

  2. Yes, I wish she’d hurry up.

  3. Yes, she should know the answers.

  4. Yes, she speaks too quickly.

  1. “Did you play tennis last weekend?” “ ”

    1. It’s my favourite sport. B. I worked.

C. Do you like it? D. Would you like to come with me?

  1. “May I speak to the manager?” “ ”

    1. He always comes late. He is not very well.

    2. Thank you. Good bye.

    3. I’m afraid he’s not in. Can I take a message?

    4. I’m afraid not. He works very hard.

  2. where’s the view? The advertisement said that this place has a great view of the sea.” “ ”

    1. It has good facilities. B. It’s convenient to see it.

C. You can find it very convenient. D. You can see it from the back.

  1. “Why did you turn the air conditioner on?” “ ”

    1. I think it’s bad condition. B. I can’t see anything,

C. It’s a little hot in here. D. It’s a good idea.

  1. “There’s a baseball game tonight.” “ ”

    1. Great. Let’s go. B. I’m not a real fan of hers,

C. Don’t mention it. D. Thanks. I’d love to.


“Yes, I do. I like them a lot.”

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