Topic 1: People do not think that nuclear energy should be used to generate electricity in vn

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Writing- lever B2


1 A lot of people do not think nuclear energy should be used to generate electricity in Vietnam. Used specific reasons and examples to support their opinion.

2 Television brings about a number of disadvantages. Write about the disadvantages using specific details and examples to present your opinion.

4 Modern life is becoming more and more stressful. What are the effects of this stress? Use specific facts and examples to support your opinion.

5 In general people are living longer now. What are the causes? Use specific details and examples to support your opinion.

6 The traditional idea of working for the same company for life in one particular place is changing. Today people work for different companies, in different jobs and in different ways. What are the effects of this individuals? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

7 Computers bring about a number of advantages to users. Write about the advantages using facts and examples to support your opinion.

8 The internet brings about some disavantages to users and society. Write aout the disadvangates using specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

9 Living in a city has greater advantages than living in a small or the country. Write about the advantages using specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

10 Childhood is certainly not the happiest time of your life. Write a short essay to supports the opinion using specific reasons and examples.

11 Nowadays a lot of people are becoming too fat. What are the accauses of their obesity? Write about the causes using specific facts and examples to support your answer.

12 Today many people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as pizzas fried chicken, or hamburgers. This has many serious health and social effects. Write about the effects using specific facts and examples to support your answer.

13 We suffer traffic jams in big cities in Vietnam every day. What are the causes? Use specific facts and examples to support your opinion.

14 The number of vehicles in big cities in Vietnam is increasing rapidly. Write about their effects using specific facts and examples to support your opinion.

15 Nowaday traffic in major cities is getting worse. It creates a lot problem, such as traffic jams and road accidents. What are the solutions to these problem? Write about the solusions and support them with facts and examples

Topic 1: People do not think that nuclear energy should be used to generate electricity in VN.



- Nuclear energy is very expensive to build the power plan and to train the labor force who can run the plan safely:

+ Maintains the normal operation of the plan

+ import the materials to build nuclear power factory

  • Pollution of environment:

+ vast areas of land, water and the air might be seriously affected.

  • Cause a lot of dangers

Conclusion: To sum up, it’s very costly and riskly to build a nuclear power plan in Vietnam. Instead, we should have hydro power plan because Vietnam has many mountains and rivers.
Topic 2: Disadvantages of TV



- affect on our health:

+ watch TV too much is harmful for our eyes

+ stay inactively for a long time -> become obesity

+ Have no time talking with others -> decrease the communicating skills

  • cause social crime:

+ many films are violent

+ children watch films which are not suitable for their age -> they may not aware of what they do.

+ Breaking news is always about bad things.

  • Some positive points:

+ brings so much information

+ to relax: listen to music, entertainment,..


Topic 3: Modern life is more and more stressful. what are the causes?



- Presure at work:

+ highly competitive -> work harder, easier to be unemployed

+ More demanding -> to work and study at the same time, work during the day, study in the evening or weekend -> no time to relax

  • Presure from the roads:

+ Traffic jams: happens everyday

+ noise

+ Bad behaviours

Topic 4: Modern life is more and more stressful. What are the effects?



  • Negative influence to our everyday life:

+ We spend all the time for work and family, we have not enough time for relax

+ Badly behaviours: easy to get angry, less patient

+ Worsen the family relationship.

  • Bad effects on our health:

+ headache

+ insominia (can’t get to sleep)

+ Lose concentration

+ Being tired -> lack of motivation to work/study

Conclusion: In conclusion, the modern life is very stressful and it has a lot of serious effects on our life. It’s important that we must be aware of its effects and find ways to reduce them.
Topic 5: People are living longer now



- Better health care:

+ Better doctors and medicine -> cure serious illness

+ better hospital: equipment and technology ->more diagnosis ->successful operations

+ there are more way to prevent diseases.

  • Better living standard:

+ Better diet: more nutrious food, balance nutrients

+ Less manual works: more machine.

Topic 6: traditional idea of working in the same company



  • Good effects:

+ Improve skills, have more relationship/knowledge

+ Have chances for better income (better jobs, better choices, better promotions)

+ New working environment can be good source of motivation, advoid boredom of working in the same place all the time

  • Bad effects:

+ may not be expertised in a certain field.

+ job insecurity (when they are not young)

+ it takes long time and genery to look for a new job.

+ No longterm relationship.

Conclusion: Changing jobs very frequent has both side effects. You must carefully consider before deciding.
Topic 7: Computers bring out a number of advantages



- Computers store a huge amount of information

- Help people do many jobs much more qiuckly and effectively

- Computer is a good source of entertainment because it contains a lot of songs, films, games

- Computers, together with the Internet, connect people from all over the world and people can take an online education.

Conclusion: Computers have many advantages that they are an essential part of our modern life/society.
Topic 8: Bad effects of the Internet

Introduction: Nowaday, a lot of people have computers or mobilephones access to the Internet. This leads to a convinient world but it also has many bad effects


- Waste of time: surf websites, chat, shopping online, facebook,...

- weaken family relationship

- harm your health: inactivety, backache

- virus inffection: damage your computer and lose your data.

Conclusion: We can advoid these disadvantages if we know how to use the Internet reasonably. It means that we only use the Internet for necessary things safely.

Topic 9: Advantages of living in cities



- More jobs oppotunities:

+ Many companies have their head office in cities,

+ many services companies are founded in cities to serve a large amount of people there.

- better education:

+ Good system of education from kindergaten to university

+ Many centers offer extra courses: language, IT, ...People can easily choose a course they need.

- Higher living standard:

+ more and better services

+ Better health care

+ There are many various means/centers of entertainment.

Topic 10: Childhood is not certainly athe happiest time of your life.



- Pressure at school:

+ Study at school 8 hours/day and 6days/week.

+After studying at school, they have to take part in extra courses

+ They are expected by parents and teacher to get good marks.

- Pressure at home:

+ The children are subjected to rules set by their parents/adults:

+ Over expected by their parents

+ not allow to make friends

- Inability to understand the world around them:

+ always feel uncertain when deciding what’s right or wrong

+ many of them scare when dealing with new situations.

Topic 11: People are becoming fat. The causes of their obesity



- Inactive life style:

+ Don’t excercise (not enough excercise)

+ watch TV or use computers too much

+ Machines help them do much manual jobs

+ Office worker spend most of their day sitting in the same place

- Unhealthy diet:

+ eat too much fastfood

+ eat very nutritious food

+ eat too much

Topic 12: Effects of fastfood to your health and society



- Bad effects on health:

+ Contains a lot of fast, salt but doesn’t have enough neccessary nutrients

+ People usually drink softdrink while eating fastfood, these drinks can cause obesity.

+ Fastfood contains over used cooking oil

+ The quanlity is not assured

- Loss of family traditions:

+ spend less time cooking meals and eating together at home -> less time to share their life

+ fewer people know how to cook ->we may lose traditional dishes.

Topic 13: Traffic jams in big cities



- Rapid growth of population:

+ natural population growth:

+ mechanical population growth: thousands of people move to big cities for better jobs

- the increasing number of transport vehicles especially private ones: the living standard is getting better -> more people have their own cars/vehicles

- Ineffective public transport

+ the bus system doesn’t meet the demand of the society: not enough buses, some bus drivers are not very polite with passengers

+ There is no subway: very useful because subway can carry a great number of passengers and don’t cause traffic jams.

Topic 14: Increasing number of vehicles in big cities. What are its effects?



- Traffic jams

+ happens everywhere in big cities

+ takes us more time to move from one place to another.

- traffic accidents:

+ often happens in main highways

+ by crashes in cities

- pollution

+ air: Vehicles release toxic gases, strucks, which carry construction materials and waste throw out a lot of dust

+ noise: the engines themselves create too much noise and drivers use horns too much making this situation worse

  • Parking problems: not enough parking space

Topic 15: Traffic is getting worse. What are your solutions?



- Upgrade traffic system (Upgrate the infrastructure):

+ build more new roads

+upgrade the existing ones (widen or renew roads, arrange them more logically)

+ make the sign post system more reasonable

- Enforce traffic laws and regulations

+ strict punishment

+ set standards for vehicles in circulation.


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