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“Freight Forwarder” means the Multimodal Transport Operator who issues this BL and is named on the 
face of it and assumes liability for the performance of the multimodal transport contract as a carrier. 

“Merchant” means and includes the shipper, the consignor, the consignee, the Holder of this BL, the 
Receiver and the Owner of the Goods 

“Charges” means that the goods have been handed over and accepted for carriage by the Freight 
Forwarder at the place receipt evidenced in this BL. 

“Goods ” means any property including live animals as well as container, pallets or similar articles of 
transport or packing not supplied by the Freight Forwarder, irrespective of whether such property is to be 
or is carried on or under deck. 

“Container” means any container (closed or open top), van, trailer flatbed, transportable tank, railroad car, 
vehicle, flat, flatrack, pallet, skid, platform, cradle, sling-load or any other article of transport. 

“Participating Carried” means any other carrier by water, land or air, performing any state of the carriage, 
including inland carrier’s, whether acting as sub-carrier, connecting carrier substitute carrier or bailee. 
1. Issuance of this BL
1.1.By issuance of this BL the Freight Forwarder 
a) Undertakes to perform and/or in his own name to produce the performance of the entire transport from 
the place at which the goods are taken in charge (Place of receipt evidenced in this BL) to the place of 
delivery designated in the BL 
b) Assumes liability as set out in these conditions

tải về 113.72 Kb.

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