Product-orientated [định hướng sản phẩm]

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Michelle Phung

Business Vocabulary [Chap 11]

Product-orientated [định hướng sn phm]

  • (business) One whose main focus of activity is on the product itself.

Market-orientated [định hướng thị trường]

  • (business) One which carries out market research to find out consumer wants before a product is developed and produced.

Marketing budget [ngân sách thị trường]

  • A financial plan for the marketing of a product or product range for some specified period of time.

  • It specifies how much money is available to market the product or range, so that the Marketing department know how much they may spend.

Market research [nghiên cứu thị trường]

Primary research [nghiên cứu chính]

  • The collection and collation of original data via direct contact with potential or existing customers.

  • Also called field research.

Secondary research [nghiên cu thứ cấp]

  • Information that has already been collected and is available for use by others.

  • Also called desk research.

Questionnaire [bng câu hỏi]

  • A set of questions to be answered as a mean of collecting data for market research.

Sample [mu]

  • The group of people who are selected at random as a source of information for market research.

Random sample [mu thử ngẫu nhiên]

  • When people are selected at random as a source of information for market research.

Quota sample [mu chỉ tiêu]

  • When people are selected on the basis of certain characteristics [age; gender; income] as a source of information for market research.

Focus group [nhóm tp trung]

  • A group of people who are representative of the target market.

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