National Plastics Plan 2021

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National Plastic Policy 2020

National Plastics Plan 2021

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Australia is on a plastics mission. It is a significant challenge in which each of us – government, industry and the community – must play a part. In March 2020, we were privileged to convene Australia’s first ever National Plastics Summit. The summit was the first step in our plastics mission and brought together over 200 leaders and experts from government, industry and community sectors to identify and showcase new ideas and solutions. The National Plastics Summit highlighted that plastic waste is an issue that Australians care about deeply – governments are engaged, industry is engaged and the community is engaged.
This National Plastics Plan puts into action many of the excellent ideas raised at the Summit. Everyone has a role to play, for the Australian Government’s part, we are tackling the plastic challenge on 5 fronts:
• working with industry to fast-track the phase-out of particularly problematic plastic materials
• stopping the export of unprocessed plastic waste and promoting product stewardship through the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020
• unprecedented investments to turbo-charge Australia’s plastic recycling capacity
• research to make Australia a global leader in plastic recycling and reprocessing
• community education to help consumers make informed decisions and recycle correctly
By working together we are confident Australia can meet the plastic challenge. For more information on the first National Plastics Plan go to

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