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At seventeen we were disillusinoned and weary. In the midst of basketball puppylove and discussions of life - washed down with chocolate sodas o warm afternoons we had come to question almost everything we were taught at home and in school. Religion we had argued about it so much, Catholics against agnostics against luthereans against Christian Scientists, that we were all converted to indifferentism. MOrality, which we indentifield with chasteness, was a lie told to our bodies. Our studies were useless or misdirected, especially our studies in English lietrature: the authors we were unpleasant to our palate: the had the taste of chlorinated water.

We were still too immature to understand the doctrine of complete despair about the modern world that would later, be advanced by the followers of T.S. Eliot, but we shared in the mood that lay behind them. During the brief moments we devoted to the fate of mankind in general, we suffered from a sense of oppression. We felt that the world was rigorously controlled by scientific laws of which we had no grasp, that our lives were directed by Puritan Standards that were not our own, that society in General was terribly secure, unexciting, middle class, a vast reflection of the families from which we came. Society obeyed the impersonal law of progress. Cities expanded relentlessly year by year, fortunes grew larger, more and more automobiles appeared in the streets; people were wiser and better than their ancestors - eventually, by automatic stages, we should reach an intolerable utopia of dull citizens, without crime or suffering or drama. The progression, of course, might be reversed. The period in which we were living might be reversed. But the decay of society was psychologically equivalent to tis progress: both were automatic processes that we our selves could neither hasten nor retare. Society was something alien, which our lives and writings could never affect "it was a sort of parlor can in which we rode, over smooth trackd, toward a destination we should never have chosen for ourselves.



Friends again, yet aware that they could meet no more, Aziz and Fielding went for their last ride in the Mau jungles. The floods had abaated and the Rajah was officially dead, so the Guest House party were depart-ing next morning, as decorum repuired. What with the mourning and the festival, the visit was a failure. Fielding had scarcely seen Godbole, who promised every day to show him over the King-Emperor George Fifth Highschool, his main objective, but always made some excuse. . This sfternoon Aziz let out what had happened: the King Emperor had been converted into a granory, and the Miniser of Education did not like to admit this to his foremr Principal. The school had been opened last year by the Agent to the Goent to the Governor - General, and it stull flourushed on phper; he hoped to startit aganin before ots absende was remarked and to collect its scholara before they produced chidren of energy, but he did not travel as lightly as in the past education was a continuous concern to him, because his income and the comfort of his family depended on it. He knew that few Indians think education good in itself and he deplored this now on the wdest grounds He began to say something heavy on the subject of Native States, but the friendliness of Aziz distracted him. This reconciliation was a success, anyhow After the funny shipwreck there had been no more nonsense or bitterness, and they went back laughingly to their old relationship as if nothing had happened.

(cf . e. m. forster, Apassage into India, 1960).


The mystery of the primeral world! She could feel it now in all its shadowy, furious magnificence. She knew now what was the black, glinting look in Cipriano's elyes. She could understand marrying him, now. In the shadowy world wher men were visionless, and winds of fury rose up form the earth, Cipriano was still a power. Once you entered his mystery the scale of all things changed, and he became a living male power, undefined, and unconfined. The smallness, the limitations ceased to esist. In his black, glinting eyes the power was limitless, and it was as if, from him from his body of blood could rise up that pillar of coud which swayed and swung, like a rearing serpent or a rising tree, till it swept thw zenith, and all the earth below was dark and prone, and consummated. Those small hands, that little natural turt of black goats' beard hanging light from his chin, the tilt of his brows and the slight slant of his eyes, the domed Indian head with its thick black hair, they were like symbols to her, of another mystery, the bygone mystery of the twilit, primitive world, where shapes that are small suddenly loom up huge, gigantic on the shadow, and a face like Cipriano's is the face at once of a god and a devil, the undying Pan face. The bygone mystery, that has in deed gone, by but has not passed away.Never shall pass away.

As he sat in silence, casting the old, twilit Panpower over her, she felt herself submitting, succumbing. He was once more the old dominant male, shadowy intangible, looming suddenly tall, and covering the sky, making a darkness that was himself and nothing but himself, the Pan male. And she was swooned prone beneath, perfect in her pronenss.

(Cf. D. H. LAWRENCE, The Plumed Serpent, 1966)


Selection 1


Vỡ mộng


Mệt mỏi, chán ngán

puppy love

Tình yêu mới lớn

washed down with chocolate sodas

được tắm gội trong thứ nước xô đa giải khát bình dân


Người theo thuyết bất khả tri (bắt nguồn từ T. Huxley)


Người theo giáo phái Tin lành của Martin Luther

Christian Scientists

Tín đồ giáo phái Ki- tô giáo khoa học

converted to

được cải giáo


Thái độ thờ ơ với tất cả mọi sự

to identify

đồng hoá


Sự trinh bách

a lie told to our bodies

Mọpt lời dối trá về thân xác chúng tôi


Bị hướng dẫn sai lệnh

unpleasant to our palate

Thật không hợp với khẩu vị chúng tôi

chlorinated water

Nước khử trùng bằng co-lo


Non nớt, thiếu kinh nghiệm

to share in the mood

Chia xẻ cùng một tâm trạng

to lay behind them

Nằm đàng sau, chi phối những người đó

to suffer

đau khổ

a sense of oppression

Một cảm giác bị đàn áp

rigorously controlled

Bị chế ngự một cách khắc nghiệt

we had no grasp

Chúng tôi hiểu không chút gì

Puritan standards

Những tiêu chuẩn đạo lý khắc nghệt của Thanh giáo (puritanism)


Tẻ nhạt

Middle class

Giai cấp trung lưu tư sản


Phi ngã, không có cá tính

to expand

Bành trướng, lan rộng


Một cách lạnh lùng, tàn nhẫn


Không sao chịu đựng nổi

utopia of dull citizens

Một quốc gia không tưởng bao gồm các công dân trì độn


Tiến theo chiều ngược lại

to resemble

Giống như

Five Good Emperors

Năm vị minh quân


Những sự xáo trộn


Tai biến, sự cố

general decline

Sự suy tàn chung

the decay of society

Sự mục nát xã hội


Về phương diện tâm lý

neither hasten nor retard

Không thể đẩy mạnh cũng không thể trì hoãn lại được


Xa lạ

parlor - car

Một toa xe lửa sang trọng


Nơi đến, điểm đến

Sclection 2

to go for their last ride

đi ngựa lần cuối cùng


Rừng râm

to abate

Giảm xuống


Chính thức

the Guest House party

Những người dự tiệc ở nhà khách


Nghi lễ, nghi thức

to show him over

đưa anh đến thăm

main objective

Mục tiêu chính

tolet out

Tiết lộ


Nhà chứa lúa

Agent to the Governor General

đại diện cho ngài Toàn quyền (ấn độ)

to flourish on paper

Chỉ phát triển trên giấy (ý nói báo cáo láo)

to collect its scholars

Thu nhận học viên

before they produced children of theier own

Trước khi chúng kịp anh con đàn cháu đống (ý nói quá trễ rồi)


Sự rối loạn, nát bét

to deplore

Than thở, ta thán

on the widest grounds

Vì những lý do xa xôi nhất

something heavy

Một điều gì đó gay gắt

ro distract

Làm quên khấy đi mất


Sự hoà giải

funny shipwreck

Cuộc đoạn giao buồn cười


Trò ngớ ngẩn, vô duyên


Sự chua chát, cay cú

Sclection 3

primeval world

Cái thế giới sơ khai, hoang dã


Mờ tối


Sôi sục , cuồng loạn


Vẻ huy hoàng rực rỡ

glinting look

Cái nhìn rực lửa


Không còn nhìn thấy được gì


Vô định, không thể xác định


Vô hạn, không thể giới hạn


Vô tận

pillar of cloud

Cột mây

to sway and swing

đung đưa

reasing serpent

Rắn cuộn


Thiên đỉnh, tận tới cao


Cúi mình phủ phục


Tưu thành viên mãn

hanging light

Phất phơ

the tilt of his brows

đôi lông mày hình cánh cung

the slight slant of his eyes

Cặp mắt hơi xếch

the domed Indian head

Cái đầu cao như mái vòm của người ấn

the bygone mystery

Một huyền nhiệm đã qua

the twilit, primitive world

Một thế giới nguyên thuỷ, mờ ảo

to loom up huge

Vươn lớn lên, trở nên đồ sộ


Khổng lồ

the undying Pan face

Gương mặt bất diện của thần Pan

to cast the old, twilit Pan - power over her

Trùm phủ lên nàng sức mạnh tối tăm cổ xưa của thần Pan (vị thần hoang dã Hy lap)


Thần phục


Quy phục, chiu phép


Ngự tri, thống trị


Vô hình

to swoon

Như say ngất đi


Sự phủ phục


"Yes, of couse, if it's fine tomorrow,"said Mrs. Ramsay. "But you'll have to be up with the lark " she added.

To her son these words conveyed an extraordinary joy, as if it were settled the expedition were bound to take place, and the wonder to which he had looked forward, for years and years it seemed, was, after night's after a night's darkness and a day's sail, withim touch. Since he belonged, even at the age of six, to that great clan which cannot keep this feeling separate from that, but must let future prospects, with their joys and sorrows, cloud what is actuallys at hand, since to such people even in earliest childhood any turn in the wheel of sensation has the power to crystallize and transfix the moment upon which its gloom or radiance rests, James Ramsay, sitting on the floor cutting out pictures form the inlustrated catalogye of the Army and Navy stores, endowed the picture of a refrigerator as his mother spoke with heavenly bliss. It was fringed with joy. The wheelbarrow, the law mower, the sound of poplar trees, leaves whitening before rain, rooks cawing, brooms knocking, dresses rustling all these were so coloured and distinguished in his mind that he had already his private code, his secret language, though he appeared the image of stark and uncompromising severity, with his high forehead, and his fierce blue eyes, impccably candid and pure, frowning slightly at the sight of human frailty, so that his mother, watching him guide his scissors neatly round the refrigerator, imgined him all red and ermine on the Bench or directing a stern and momentous enterprise in some crisis of public affairs.

(Cf. VIRGINIA WOOLF, To the Lighthous)


After a while, however, in the midwatches of the night, behind thick walls and bolted doors and shuttered windows, it Cameron to me full flood at last in confessions of unutterable despair. I don't know why it was that people so unburdened themselves to me, a stanger, unless it was because they knew the love I bore them and their land. They seemed to feel a desperate need to tald to someone who would understand. The thing was pent up in them, and my sympathy for all things German had burst the dam of their reserve and caution. Their tales of woe and fear un - speakable gushed forth and beat upon my ears. They told me stories of their friends and relatives who had said unguarded things in public and disappeared without a trace, stories of the Gestapo stories of neighbor's quarrels and petty personal spite turned into political persecution stories of concentration camps and pogroms, stories of rich Jews stripped and beaten and robbed of everything they had curd then denied the right to earn a pauper's wage, stories of well - bred Jewesses despoiled and turned out of their homes and forced to kneel and scrub off anti - Nazi slogans scribbled on the side walks while young barbarians dressed like soldiers fromed a ring and prodded them with bayonets and made the quiet places echo with the shameless laughter of their mockery. It was a picture of the Dark Ages come agam - shocking beyond belief but true as the hell that man forever created for himself.

Thus it was that the corruption of man's living faith and the inferno of his buried anguish came to me and I recognized at last, in all its frightful aspects, the spiritual disense which was poisoning unto death, a noble and a might people.

(Cf. THOMAS WOLFE, You can't go home Again)


He was an inch, perhaps two, under six feet, powerfully, and he advanced straight at you with a slight stoop of the shoulders, head forward, and a fixed from under stare which made you think of a charging bull. His voice was deep loud, and his manner displayed a kind of dogged selfassertion which had nothing aggressive in it . It seemed a necessity, and it was directed apparently as much at himself as at anybody else. He was spotlessly neat, apparelled in immaculate white from shoes to hat, and in the various Eastern ports where he got his living as shipchandler's waterclerk he was very popular.

A water - clerk need not pass an examination in anything under the sun, but he must have ability in the abstract and demonstrate it practically. His work consists in racing under sail, steam? Or oars against other water - clerks for any ship about to anchor, greeting her captain cheerily, forcing upon him a card - the business card of the shipchandler- and on his firs visit on shoer piloting him firmly but without ostentation to a vast, cavern-like shop which is full, of things that are eaten and drunk on board ship where you can get everything to make her seaworthy and beautiful, from aset of chain - hooks for cable to a book of gold-leafdor the carvings of her stern and where com-mander is received like a brothr by a shipchandler he has never seen before. There is a cool pareour, easy-chairs, bottles, cigars, writing implements, a copy that melts the salt of a three months' passage out of a seaman's heart. The connection thus bogun is kept up, as long as the ship remains in harbour, by the daily visits of the water - clerk. To the captian he is faithful like a friend and attentive like a son, with the patience of Job, the unselfish devotion of a woman, and the jollity of a boon companion.

(Cf. JOSEPH CONRAD, Lord Jim )

Selection 4

To be up with the lark

Thức dậy cùng lúc với chim sơn ca (thức dậy rất sơm)

To convey

Chất chứa, mang theo


Sâu xa, phi thường, khó tả

to be settled

Quyết định

the expedition

Cuộc viễn trinh

bound to take place

Chắc chắn sẽ được thực hiện

a night's darkness

Một đêm ngủ

a day's sail

một ngày đi thyền

within touch

Nằm trong tầm tay với


Số người (đặc biệt)


Dự tính, kế hoạch

to cloud what is actually at hand

Che mờ đi những gì trong giờ phút hiện tại

any turn in the wheel of sensation

Bất cứ một sự thay đổi cảm giác nhỏ nhặt nào

to crystallize

Kết tinh

to transfix

Cố định

illustrated catalogue

Sách trình bày hàng mẫu

to endow the picture of a refrigerator

đang cắt một tấm kính tủ lạnh ở sách ra.

heavenly bliss

Niềm vĩnh phúc tuyệt vời, niềm lạc phúc thiên đường

It was fringed with joy

Nó (ở đây là bức tranh) được niềm vui bao bọc (viền xung quanh)

Wheel barrow

Xe đẩy

lawn - mower

Máy xén có ở sân

poplar trees

Hàng cây bạch dương

leaves whitening before rain

Những chiếc là trắng xoá trước cơn mưa



to caw

Kêu (qụa kêu)




Khua loẹt xoẹt

dresses rustling

áo quần kêu sột soạt

private code

Một thứ ngôn ngữ riêng

stark and uncompromising severity

Một sự nghiêm nghị cứng rắn và không khoan nhượng

impeccably candid

Thẳng thắn không chê trách vào đâu được

frowning slightly at the sight of human frailty

Hẽ cau mày khi nhìn khẩy sự yếu đuối của con người


Một cách khéo léo

all red and ermine on the Bench

Oai phong như ông toà đang ngồi xử kiện

stern and momentous enterprise

Một công tác nghiêm túc và quan trọng

Seletion 5

the midwatches of the night

Vào lúc giữa đêm

boled door

Cửa gài then chặt

shuttered windows

Cửa sô được buông cửa chớp xuống

It came to me in full flood

điều đó tuôn trào ào ạt ra với tôi


Những lời thú nhận

unutterable despair

Sự tuyệt vọng vô bờ bến

to unburden oneself

Tâm sự, trút nỗi lòng

a desperate need

Một nhu cầu bức thiết

to be pent up in

Chôn chặt, chất chứa trong

to burst the dam of reserve and caution

Phá tan cái bờ đê ngăn cách và thận trọng woe: sự đau khổ


Không thể diễn tả được

to gust forth

Tuôn trào như suối

to beat upon my ears

Xoáy sâu vào tâm hồn tôi

unguarded things

Những điều hớ hênh

without a trace

Không một dấu vết

the Gestapo

Mật vụ Ðức Quốc xã (tiếng đức : Geheime Staatspolizei)

petty personal spite

Một sự hằn học cá nhân ti tiện

political persecution

Sự bức hại về chính trị

concentration camps

Trại tập trung


Sự tàn sát người do thái


Bị lột truồng


bị đánh đập


Bị tước đoạt

to earn a pauper's wage

Kiếm được chút tiền như một thằng mạt nhất

well - bred

Gia đình tử tế, có ăn học


Bị cướp bóc, tước đoạt

to scrub off

Chùi sạch

anti - Nazi slogans

Những khẩu hiệu chống quốc xã


Viết nguệch ngoạc

to prod them with bayonets

Những kẻ man rợ dùng lưỡi lê thúc vào người họ

shameless laughter

Tiếng cười bỉ ổi


Sự chế nhạo

shocking beyond belief

Khủng khiếp đến mức không tin được


Sự huỷ hoại dần, sự đổi truỵ hoá

living faith

Niềm tin sống động


địa ngục

buried anguish

Niềm đau khổ được chôn kín

to poison unto death

đầu độc dần dần đến chết

Selection 6

powerfully built

vóc dáng khoẻ mạnh

to advance straight at a slight stoop of the shoulders

đi thẳng về phía đôi vai hơi gù

fixed from - under stare

cái nhìn chăm chú

charging bull

con bò mộng sắp tấn công

to display

bộc lộ ra

dogged self - arsestion

sự tự khẳng định một cách quyết liệt


hung hãn, dữ dằn


có vẻ như

spotlessly neat

tươm tất (không một vết bẩn)

apparelled in immaculate white

quần áo trắng tinh

ship - chandler

công ty cung ứng đồ trang bị cho tàu biển

water - clerk popular

thư ký hàng hải được nhiều người ưa thích

to demonstrate it practically

chứng minh điều đó trong thực tế

to race

chạy đua


mái chèo

to force upon

dúi tay vào

to pilot

hướng dẫn


sự vênh váo, hợm hĩnh

cavern - like

giống như cái hang

to make her seaworthy

làm cho con tàu có thể lướt sóng ra khơi được

chain - hooks

móc xích ( dành cho dây cáp tàu)

a book of gold - leaf

một tập vàng lá

the carvings

đồ trang trí khảm vào gỗ


đuôi tàu

a ship - chandler

người phụ trách cung ứng thiết bị cho tàu biển

easy - chairs

ghế ngồi thoải mái

writing implements

văn phòng phẩm

a copy of harbour regulations

một tập điều lệ cảng

to melt the salt

làm tan chất muối


mối quan hệ


lưu tâm chăm sóc

the patience of Job

sự kiên nhanã của Job ( hết sức kiên nhẫn, Job là một nhân vật trong Thánh kinh)


vô tư, không vụ lợi


sự tận tuỵ, trung thành


sự vui tính

bool campanion

người đồng hành vui tính


He squatted beside the window, staring out, and behind his back came.

The muffled sound of small girls going to bed. It brought it home to one - to have had a hero in the house, thought it had only been for twentyfour hours. And he was the last. There were no more priests and no more heroes. He listened resentfully to the sound of booted feet coming up the pavement. Ordinary life pressed round him. He got down from the window - seat and picked up his candle - Zapata. Villa, Madero and the rest, they were all dead, and its was people like the man out there who killed them. He felt deceived.

The lieutenant came along the pavement: there was something brsk and stubborn about his walk, as if he was saying at every step. "I have done what I have done". He looked in at the boy holding the candle with a look of indecrsive recognition. He said to himself. "I would do much more for him and them, much more, life is never going to be again for them what it as for me," but the dynamic love which used to move his trigger-finger felt flat and dead. Of course, he told himself, it willcome back. It was like love of a woman and went in cycles he had satisfed himself that morning, that was all. This was satiety. He smiled painfully at the child through the window and said, "Buenas noches."

The boy was looking at his revolver - holsteer and he remembered an incident in the plaza when he had allowed a child to touch his gun - perhaps this boy. He smiled again and touched it too - to show he remem - bered, and the boy crinkied up his face and spat through the wundow bare , accurately, so that a little blob of spittle lay on the revolver-butt.



I spent my Saturday nights in New York, because those gleaming, dazzling parties of his were with me so vividly I could still hear the music and the laughter, faint and incessant from his garden, and the cars going up and down his drive. One night I did hear a materialcar there, and saw its lightss sto at his front steps. But Ididn't investigate. Probablyit was some final guest who had been away at the ends of the earth and didn't know that the pharty was ocer.

On the last night, wuth may trunk packd and my car sold to thegrocer, I went over and looked at the huge incoherent failure of a house once more. On the while steps an obscene word, scrawled-by some boy wuth a piece of brich stood out clearlyin the moon light, and I erased it, drawing my shoe raspingly along the stone. Then I wandered down to the beach and sprawled out on the sand.

Most of the big shore phlaces were closed now and there were hardly any lights except the shadowy, moving glow of a ferryboat across the sound. And as the moon rose hi gher the inessential houses began to melt away until gradully I became aware of the old sinland here that dlowered on ce for Dutch sailors' eyes-a fresh, grees that had made way for Gatsby's house, had once pandered in whispers to the las and greatest of all human dreams fof a transiory enchanted mo-ment man must have held his breath in the presence lf this contiment, compelled into an aesthetic con-templation he neither understood nor desired, face for the last time in history somthing commen surate to his capacity for wonder.

(Cf. F SCOTT FITZERALD, The Grat Gatsby )


She played the Nocturne in E major, opus 9, number 2. If her playing had really lost very much then she must originally have been a consummate artist. The piano was mediocre, but after the first few notes she learned to control it. She displayed a neivous feeling for modulations of timbre and a joy in mobility of rhythm that amounted to the fantastic. Her attack was at once firm and soft. Under her hands the very last drop of sweetness was wrung from the melody; the embellishments seemed to cling with slow grace about her limbs.

He sat beside her, bent forward, his hand between his knees, his head bowed. She played the beginning with exaggerated tormenting slowness, with painfully long pauses between the single figures. The Sehnsuchtsmotiv roving lost and forlorn like a voice in the night, lifted its trembling question. Then silence, a waiting. And lo, an answer: the same timorous, lonely note, only clearer, only tenderer. Silence, again. And the, with that marvellous muted sforzando like mounting passion, the love - motif came in, reared and sared and yearned ecstatically upward to its consummation, sank back, was resolved the cellos taking up the melody to carry it on with their deep heavy notes of rapture and despair.

Not uncuccessfully did the player seek to suggest the orchestral effects upon the poor instrument at her command. The violin runs of the great climax rang out with brilliant precision. She played with a fastidiuos reverence, lingering on each figure, bringing out each detail, with the self - forgotten concentration of the priests who lifts the Host above his head. Here two forces, two beings, strove towards each - other, in transports of joy and pain here they embraced and became one in delirious yearing after eternity and the absolute. The prelude flamed up and died away. She stoped at the point where the curtains past, and sat speechless, staring at the keys.

(Cf. THOMAS MANN, Tristan)


Selection 7

To squat

ngồi xổm, ngồi chồm hổm

To stare out

nhìn chăm chăm ra ngoài

The muffled sound

âm thanh tắc nghẹn, âm thanh thì thầm


một cách giận dữ

booted feet

những bàn chân đi ủng

To press

ép chặt, đè nén

Window - seat

bục cửa sổ


bì lừa gạt

Brisk and stubborn

mạnh mẽ và bướng bỉnh

A look of indecisive recognition

một cái nhìn ngờ ngợ

dynamic love

cái tình yêu cuộc sống (chơi chữ ở đây, vì "dynamite" có nghĩa là mìn)

trigger - finger

ngón tay bóp cò súng

to feel flat and dead

rũ rượi như chết rồi

to go in cycles

chuyển động theo vòng tròn


sự thừa mứa

Buenas noches

chúc ngủ ngon (Tiếng Tây Ban Nha)

revolver - holster

bao đựng súng


quảng trường

to crinkle up his face

nhăn mặt để hù doạ

to spit

khạc nhổ

window bars

chấn song cửa sổ

a lettle blob of spittle

một cục nước bọt nhỏ

revolver - butt

bá súng

Selection 8


rực rỡ ánh đèn


chói lọi , huy hoàng


sống động, linh động


yếu ớt, xa xôi, mơ hồ


liên miên, bất tận


lối đi của xe hơi

a material car

một cái xe thực sự (chứ không phải tưởng tượng)

to investigate

chịu khó tìm hiểu, điều tra


hành lý, rương, hòm

huge, incoherent failure of a house

sự tàn tạ của một căn nhà to lớn ngổn ngang

an obscene word

một chữ tục tiũ

to scrawl

(viết nguệch ngoạc)

to stand out clearly

nổi bật lên rõ ràng

to erase

xoá đi

to draw my shoe raspingly

miết đôi giầy xoèn xoẹt

to sprawl out

nằm xoài ra một cách thoải mái

shore places

những nơi nghỉ mát trên bãi biển


lờ mờ


chuyển động


ánh sáng yếu ớt

ferry boat


inessential houses

những căn nhà hư ảo

to melt away

tan biến đi

to flower

nở hoa, bừng sáng lên

Dutch sailor's eye

con mắt của các thuỷ thủ Hà Lan (những người đến hòn đảo đầu tiên)


biến mất

to make way for

chạy dài về phía

to pander in whispers

bằng những lời thì thầm đã ngoan ngoãn chiều theo

transitory enchanted moment

một giây phút mê ly ngắn ngủi

to hold one's breath

nín thở vì kinh ngạc

to be compelled into an aesthetic contemplation

ngưỡng có tính chất nghệ thuật


phù hợp với, tương ứng với

capacity for wonder

khả năng kinh ngạc

Selection 9


dạ khúc một thể loại âm nhạc

in E major

cung Mi trưởng

opus 9, number 2

bản số 2, tác phẩm 9

consummate artist

một nghệ sĩ toàn diện

nervous feeling

một sự nhạy cảm sắc bén

modulations of timbre

những tiết tấu của âm sắc

mobility of rhythm

tính chất uyển chuyển của nhịp điệu


hoang đường, kỳ quặc, phóng khoáng


bắt đầu gõ vào phím đàn

to be wrung

được vắt ra


những giai điệu xinh đẹp

to cling

bám lấy, vây quanh

with slow grace

với một sự thong thả duyên dáng

her limbs

thân hình

exggerated tormenting slowness

một sự chậm rãi lê thê khiến người nghe phải đau đớn


âm hình


mô típ nhục cảm ( tiếng Ðức)

to rove lost and forlorn

chơi vơi, lạc lõng


rụt rè, e ấp


kỳ diệu


câm lặng


nhấn mạnh (tiếng ý)

mounting passion

nỗi đam mê vươn cao

love - motif

mô típ tình yêu


ngóc đầu lên


bay cao


khao khát vươn đến


say sưa, ngây ngất


sự viên mãn


hoà tan ra

the cellos

đàn viôlôngxen, nhạc cụ trầm của "gia đình viôlông"

to take up

bắt lấy, giữ lại


khoái lạc tột đỉnh, hoan lạc mê ly


tuyệt vọng

the orchestral effect

hiệu ứng giống như của nguyên một dàn nhạc

at her command

theo sự điều khiển của nàng


tột điểm, cao điểm

fastidious reverence

một sự tôn trọng kiêu kỳ

to linger on

láy luyến, lưu luyến

to bring out

nhấn mạnh, làm nổi bật

self - forgotten concentration

sự tập trung cao độ, quên mất cả bản thân

the Host

bình đựng bí tích (trong bí tích mình thánh Chúa)

to strive towards

hướng về phía

transports of joy and pain

từng cơn vui và niềm đau đã cuốn họ đến với nhau

to embrace

ôm choàng lấy

delirious wearinng after

sự khao khát như điên dại vươn đến


sự vĩnh cửu

the absolute

cái tuyệt đối


khúc nhạc prêluýt

to flame up

bừng cháy lên


nín thing, câm lặng


phím đàn




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