Level writing part ( Points): his is a part of a letter you receive from your pen friend

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Part 1 ( 3 Points):
his is a part of a letter you receive from your pen friend. 
I’ve just joined a new sports club. 
It’s very good. 
What sort of sports do you like? 
In about 50 words, write a letter to your pen friend telling him or her about the sports you 
➢ Content ( 60%) = 1,8 points 
This focuses on how well the candidate has fulfilled the task, in other words, if they have 
done what they were asked to do. 
➢ Communicative Achievement ( 10%) = 0,3 point 
This focuses on how appropriate the writing is for the task, and whether the candidate has 
used the appropriate register. 
➢ Organisation( 10%) = 0,3 point 
This focuses on the way the candidate puts together the piece of writing, in other words, 
if it is logical and ordered. 
➢ Language ( 20%) = 0,6 point 
This focuses on vocabulary and grammar. It includes the range of language as well as 
how accurate it is. 
Part 2 ( 7 Points):   
We are becoming increasingly dependent on computer-based technology. 
How do you think it will change in the future? 
Is it good for us to rely so much on computers? 
In about 150 words, write an essay to share your own opinion. 
Task Achievement: 60% = 4,2 points 
➢ Introductory Paragraph (include good topic sentence or introductory sentences, 
present the purpose of the letter): 15% = 1,05 
➢ Developing paragraphs (include relevant examples, causes, arguments to support 
the ideas): 30 % = 2,1 
➢ Concluding paragraph (summarize the main ideas and leave readers final 
impression):15% =1,05 
Language Proficiency: 40% =2,8 

➢ Grammar and structure (use a wide range of structure with full flexibility and 
accuracy): 10% = 0,7  
➢ Vocabulary (use a wide range of vocabulary, convey precise meanings with 
sophisticated control of lexical features): 20% =1,4 
➢ Coherenc(logically organize information and ideas; present a clear central topic 
within each paragraph): 10% =0,7 

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