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Kính gửi Quý phụ huynh học sinh/Người giám hộ,

Để hỗ trợ việc học tiếng Anh tại nhà cho học sinh AES, Nhà trường giới thiệu đến Quý phụ huynh những website sau:

Language Arts Websites

  1. Read Books Online

    1. We Give Books
    Access to lots of popular children's books. Each time you read a book, they donate a book to a child in need.

    2. StoryTime Online

    Famous people read well-known stories out loud. There are activities go to with each one.

3. Story Books Online
This website has a good selection of story books to read online. Some have audio built in so children can listen along.

4. Read to Me

This website has a large selection of story books that students can listen to or read along with.

B. Learn to Read Online

There are lots of fun and engaging games on here to practice all sorts of language skills. My favourites are sight word bingo and alphabet match. There are stories too.


This website focuses on teaching kids how to read through phonics.

3. Reading Games

A large collection of games to practice reading. I like Word Play and Spectacular Sounds Bingo.

4. Literacy Skills

Several different literacy skills such as rhyming, phonics and alphabetical order are explored in these fun games.

5. National Geographic Young Explorer
This is an interactive reading website that is all about science. Perfect for all the little scientists in our class.

6. 75 Fun Ways to Practice Spelling

In addition to word study, you and your child could practice our spelling words in many unique ways.

Ngoài ra, đối với môn Toán ở bậc Tiểu học, Quý phụ huynh cũng có thể sử dụng các website này để hỗ trợ các em tự học Toán ở nhà.

  1. Interactive games:

  1. Worksheets and flashcards:
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