In recent years, a large amount of software development activity has migrated from

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Core JSP
Server-side Scripting Solutions 

There are several common scripting solutions to create Web applications. These are 
scripts that are run on the server before the page is sent to the user. 
Netscape's server-side scripting solution is called Server Side JavaScript (SSJS). In 
SSJS, JavaScript is executed on the server to modify HTML pages, and scripts are 
precompiled to improve server performance. SSJS is available on several different 
versions of Netscape Web Servers. To learn more about SSJS go to:

Microsoft servers offer Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP pages are very similar to JSP 
pages. ASP allows developers to embed VBScript or JScript code directly into a Web 
page. ASP pages have to be compiled every time they are run, mirroring one of the 
major drawbacks of CGI scripts. ASP is only available to developers running 
Microsoft's Internet Information Server 3.0 or above. 
By far the biggest drawback of the major scripting solutions is their proprietary nature. 
All of the solutions discussed are dependent on either certain Web servers or specific 
Java Servlets 
Java Servlets are a powerful alternative to CGI programs and scripting languages. 
Servlets are extremely similar to the proprietary server APIs, but since they are 
written in the Java programming language they can be easily ported to any 
environment that supports the Servlet API. Since they run in the Java Virtual Machine
they bypass the security problems that affect the server APIs. 
Servlets are run inside a Servlet engine. Each individual Servlet is run as a thread 
inside the Web server process. This is a much more efficient solution than multiple 
server processes implemented by CGI programs. By running in threads Servlets are 
also very scaleable, and since they are a part of the Web server process themselves 
they can interact closely with the Web server. 
Servlets are extremely powerful replacements for CGI programs. They can be used to 
extend to any type of server imaginable. The built-in thread and security support make 
Servlets a robust tool for extending a server service. 
All major Web servers now support Servlets. The major drawback of using Java 
Servlets is in their power. The Java programming language is at once both powerful 
and complicated, and learning Java is a formidable task for the average Web 

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