In recent years, a large amount of software development activity has migrated from

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Core JSP
Server APIs 
Another method for creating dynamic Web applications is Web-server specific APIs. 
Netscape provides the Web Application Interface or WAI (formerly NSAPI) for its 
server suite, and Microsoft provides ISAPI for its Internet Information Server. The 
Apache Web server has a module-based programming interface that allows modules 
to be loaded within the httpd executable. 
All of the server APIs offer tremendous speed and resource gains by integrating 
tightly with the native Web server. Unfortunately, this also creates a solution limited 
to a particular platform and Web server. Additionally, server API extensions can 
create several security issues. Since the API extension runs as a part of the Web server 
itself, a problem with the extension could cause the Web server to crash. 
Client-side Scripting Solutions 
These are a class of Web development in which the code is pushed to the user and run 
on the user's machine. These can be very useful tools for developing dynamic content
however, they have severe limitations. 
The client needs to support the scripting language in exactly the ways expected. 
Differences between the way that Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's 
Navigator interpret a client-side script can make a dramatic difference in what is seen 
in the client's browser. 
VBScript is one example of a client-side scripting language. VBScript is based on 
Microsoft Visual Basic. It is currently only supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer. 
JavaScript, also known as JScript and ECMAScript, plays an important role in 
creating dynamic Web applications running completely on the client. The European 
Computer Manufacturer's Association has recently standardized JavaScript by 
combining the popular versions created by Netscape and Microsoft (ECMA-262). 
JavaScript is limited to the Web browsers that support the language; Netscape and 
Opera Web browsers both support JavaScript directly, while Microsoft supports a 
version of the JavaScript standard called JScript. JavaScript plays a very different role 
than JSP pages, but the two languages can be used together to create some amazing 
results. An excellent source for more information on JavaScript is Janice Winsor and 
Brian Freeman's Jumping JavaScript (Pearson Technical Reference/Prentice Hall, 

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