In recent years, a large amount of software development activity has migrated from

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Core JSP
From Damon 
For putting up with all of the long hours, weekends at the computer, and 3 A.M. 
writing sessions, I dedicate my efforts toward this book to my wonderful wife Julie 
Hougland. Without her constant support and encouragement this book would never 
have been completed. She is the sensation of joy I feel when I awake every morning, 
and the warm, comfortable feeling of contentment when I close my eyes at night. 
I also want to thank my best friend, my daughter Abigail Nora Hougland, and my 
hope for the future, my little son Gibson Charles Hougland. Their smiles and laughs 
remind me what life is all about. Their curious eyes and warm embraces make my life 
Special thanks goes to my parents, Christine and Bill Gollery, as well as my sister 
Jamie Thomas. Thank you for always being there with your support and love. I owe 
the success and happiness I have in life to the foundation you created, nurtured, and 
still care for. 
I want to thank my Grandparents, Jack and Barbara Wells. Nana, you built my self-
confidence by telling me I could succeed. You always encouraged me to learn and do 
more. Papa, you are my role model. The quiet way you are always there for the entire 
family. You always led by example, taking care of us whenever anything was wrong 
and always making us feel special. You have built a large and loving family. 
Thanks to my aunt Paula Wells, whose experience, advice, and encouragement helped 
us from concept to appendix. Your guidance made this book possible. 
And I won't forget my coauthor Aaron, for sticking with me from my crazy idea for a 
book to the final pages. It has been a long road, and I wouldn't have gone down it with 
anyone else. Thanks! 
Topics in this Chapter:
A History of the Web 
JavaServer Pages 
The Power of Java 
A Simple JSP 
Understanding HTTP 
In today's environment, dynamic content is critical to the success of any Web site. 
Users want and need very specific information tailored to their situation. As the Web 

becomes a standard platform for enterprise computing and e-commerce, Web 
development steadily gets more complex. Web servers are becoming Web application 
servers. Complex databases and applications are turning up all over the Internet. 
Content providers want a solution that is easy to create and quick to market, yet 
powerful and flexible. 
JavaServer Pages (JSP) is an exciting new technology that provides powerful and 
efficient creation of dynamic content. JSP is a presentation layer technology that 
allows static Web content to be mixed with Java code. JSP allows the use of standard 
HTML, but adds the power and flexibility of the Java programming language. 
JSP does not modify static data, so page layout and "look-and-feel" can continue to be 
designed with current methods. This allows for a clear separation between the page 
design and the application. JSP also enables Web applications to be broken down into 
separate components. This allows HTML and design to be done without much 
knowledge of the Java code that is generating the dynamic data. Businesses will no 
longer have to hunt down the rare software developer who understands graphic design, 
layout, application programming, and software design. 
As the name implies, JSP uses the Java programming language for creating dynamic 
content. Java's object-oriented design, platform independence, and protected-memory 
model allow for rapid application development. Built-in networking and enterprise 
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) make Java an ideal language for 
designing client-server applications. In addition, Java allows for extremely efficient 
code reuse by supporting the JavaBean and Enterprise JavaBean component models. 

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