In recent years, a large amount of software development activity has migrated from

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Core JSP
Cay Horstmann 
San Jose, August 2000 
This book wouldn't exist if it were not for the multitude of supportive people that have 
helped us throughout the process. 
Our first praise must go to our editor, Karen McLean, for putting up with our endless 
barrage of questions and keeping us on course. Without her help we would have been 
endlessly lost, trying to figure out what actually goes into creating a book. 
Of course our reviewers, Cay Horstmann, Carl Burnham, and Glenn Kimball, deserve 
a special round of applause as well. Their sharp eyes and bountiful comments helped 
us smooth the book into the more readable text that you see today. 
Finally and maybe most important, we'd like to thank the entire Java and JSP 
community. Java, Java Servlets, and JavaServer Pages are evolving and growing into 
a powerful force primarily because of the drive of countless individuals who dedicate 
their time to make them better. These technologies are a flagship for the power of 
communities and open standards. 
From Aaron 
When I first committed to writing this book, I knew I was expecting a little one. She 
has very quickly become the most important thing in my life. Undoubtedly, my 
strongest drive to complete this book was so that I could spend more time with her. 
Zella Arden Tavistock-Thaman is my most important dedication. 
I also want to voice my profound appreciation for the patience and understanding that 
Zella's mom has given me. Raquella Thaman has been supportive and helpful 
throughout the long weekends and nights, all the while helping me keep track of the 
important things going on in the world around me. I don't think I can truly state my 
love and appreciation for you, Raqui. 
Then there is the whole Tavistock family. To my parents, Daniel and Marjorie 
Tavistock, for always being there and being supportive. To my sisters for putting up 
with me as a big brother and letting me rile up all the nieces and nephews. 

Of course, I also had a great coauthor. We each have our own set of skills that seem to 
compliment the other's and yet we work in similar ways to get to an end-goal. It has 
been good to work with a talented and driven person like Damon. 
It was hard work, fun, and its finally finished... thank you everyone! 

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