I. Fill in each blank with one suitable word from the box

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I. Fill in each blank with one suitable word from the box.
recreation leisure spectacular stock market
pursuits spectators sophisticated memento
solitude home-based

  1. She has time now to follow her various artistic ______.

  2. Many people indulge in ______ leisure pursuit such as watching television.

  3. I play golf and football for ______ only.

  4. She enjoyed a few moments of peace in the ______ of the garden.

  5. Crowds of ______ were massed along the route of the parade.

  6. I'm looking forward to more ______ time in my retirement.

  7. He invested everything in the ______.

  8. Jane kept the coin as a ______ of her trip.

  9. We had a ______ view of the coastline from the airplane.

  10. Medical techniques are becoming more ______ all the time.

II. Choose the word or phrase that can substitute for the underlined word.

  1. His recreations include golf, football and shooting. .

a. sports b. activities c. pastimes d. pleasures

  1. Walking and swimming are the two most popular sporting activities undertaken by men and women.

a. taken over b. taken in c. taken up d. taken out

  1. I bought the ring as a memento of Greek.

a. souvenir b. relic c. heirloom d. remainder

  1. In Britain, the most common leisure activities are home-based.

a. regular b. popular c. standard d. distinctive

  1. My other pursuits include listening to music, reading and gardening.

a. chases b. occupations c. specialities d. hobbies

  1. The most popular spectator sports are football and baseball.

a. onlooker b. competitor c. individual d. professional

  1. The train passed through a rich variety of spectacular scenery.

a. amazing b. powerful c. impressive d. considerable

  1. The course can be as simple as bricklaying or as sophisticated as making your own stock market decisions.

a. external b. complicated c. intensive d. advanced

  1. She enjoyed a few moments of peace in the solitude of the garden.

a. privacy b. bottom c. center d. end

  1. Most households now own at least one television set.

a. farms b. campuses c. families d. courses

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