Hr system Setting Manual For Team manager and staff

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HR System Setting Manual For team manager, staff

HR System Setting Manual
For Team manager and staff

  1. Login

  1. Use Chrome/Fire Fox/Microsoft Edge

  2. Connect

  3. Click HR System

  1. Input Email & Password ( Full Company Email and Pasword that we used to login our office computer. Ex : ) and Click “Log in” button.

  1. You can see this.

  1. Data Setting

  1. Click your name on the top right and Click “My Profile”

  1. Click “Edit” button on the top left.

  1. Edit data and photo

  • Job Position : Team Manager or Staff.

  • Work mobile : insert mobile phone number (separate with dash, e.g.: 096-888-8888)

  • Work Phone : Replace with your own number if necessary

  • Manager & Coach : Select your head of department or CFO or CRO. (Type name and you can see the name in list, click it)

  • Work location : Select in the list (Headoffice(HO), Hanoi branch, HO branch, HO1 branch, HCMC branch, Saigon branch)

  • Select Language : Select in the list.

  • Upload your photo : Click below image and upload your photo.

Photos must show your face well.

  • Click ‘Work Information’ Tab

  • Department : Select Department. (Type your department name and you can see the name in list, click it)

[ Department and Division list ]

  • Make sure ‘Approvers Time Off’ at the bottom is your head.

  • Click ‘Private Information’ Tab

  • Please enter the information in the red box.

This will open a pop-up like the one below, where you can enter your information.

  • All date type dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. : 23/11/1990)

  • Be sure to click save (top left)

  • Thank you for your effort. You have completed all the setting procedures.

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