Hi, welcome to capital book shop. Are you looking for something in particular?

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Hi earlier I parked my car on the lower level but I don't have quite enough cash with me to pay. Do you accept credit cards?
I can't process a credit card here at the exit but you have two options. There's a payment kiosk on the first floor of the parking garage that does. Or if you can access the Internet you can pay online.Using your smartphone.
good all pay online and what's the website address that I should use? The address is printed on the back of your parking ticket. Thanks. No problem. Once you've paid the fee online, you'll get a confirmation code emailed to you. Use that number to exit.

Hi, welcome to capital book shop. Are you looking for something in particular?
Yes, I need a copy of a book called January Flight. My friends and I are starting a book club next month. People say that it's a good one for generating a lot of questions and comments.
That's true. It's one of my favorites. You can find it on the back wall.The store next to the cafe. The books there are arranged by author. Can I help you with anything else?
No, thanks. But I think I'll browse for a little while.

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Marcus, did you see the article in Eats and Treats magazine with a list of the best local restaurants?
The article gave our restaurant five stars in the category of menu options as the head chef, you must be proud.
Yes, I saw that article, and I'm glad I decided to revise the menu last spring. It shows that customers appreciate.Healthy food choices? True, but I'm disappointed that some of our ratings weren't better. I'm not surprised that we scored lower the pricing category, but I am surprised by this one where we.
only received three stars will have to work on improving that area next year. Yes, it may be a good idea to meet with the staff about this.

Today for laboratory technician training will discuss monitoring the thermostat batteries. If the power is too low, we won't know the exact temperature of the equipment. Do the thermostats in the lab have spare batteries or a backup power source just in Case No, there's no backup.
You'll need to monitor the battery closely.Always check the display screen.When do I change the batteries in your training manual you can see how the battery power levels will appear on the display. Replace batteries when they reached 25%. We don't want to replace them any earlier than we have to, but we can't wait until they run out or we may lose valuable data.
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