Dear The Death

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Dear The Death

Dear The Death,

Now you must be very busy, right? The Covid-19 pandemic must have affected you a lot. Having to deal with thousands of souls all over the world in a day is undoubtedly exhausting. You also hate the virus called Corona, don't you? Honestly, I didn't think about you too much until the day you came to pick up my grandfather. That was the day I became acutely aware of death. And now, when the whole world is struggling with the pandemic, I am even more aware of the brevity and fragility of human life. Death is a truth—a great truth. But not everyone is aware of death to appreciate each day more alive. Especially during this time, nobody can be sure that they won't get infected, won't face death for once in a lifetime.

During the past time, you must have been sorrowful when you had to witness the tragic deaths. Patients weren't allowed to see their loved ones the last time and weren't sent off by their relatives. Or even the deaths of doctors and nurses while treating patients. They are all unlucky people, accidentally robbed of their lives by that virus. None of them could have expected that they would meet you so soon. Among them, there were also very young people with so many unfinished dreams.

This letter probably won't reach you, but I honestly hope you can hear my little wish. Would you please bring those poor souls back to where they belong gently and beautifully?


Nguyen Thi Thao
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