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MFP8000 User Manual
8.3. Operating Failures
Electrostatic discharge, high power electromagnetic 
pulses and other extraordinary effects may nega-
tively impact on the device correct operation. 
Under certain conditions it may even “hang-up” 
and not respond to the control buttons. In this 
case try to use the «reset» button first. For that 
purpose carefully press the “reset” button with a 
thin object (e.g. with an unbent clip) through a hole 
placed on the back cover of the device near the 
acoustic generator grating. After that the device 
should reboot and return to the main menu. If it 
nevertheless does not, contact the manufacturer. 
9. Manufacturer`s Warranty
The manufacturer guarantees device operating 
capability provided that the customer follows 
operation, transportation and storage conditions 
stated in the present User Manual.
Warranty period for the device is 8 months from 
the acceptance date. The acceptance date must 
be fixed in the present User Manual.
If the device fails during warranty period provided 
that a customer follows operation, transportation 
and storage conditions stated in the present User 
Manual, the manufacturer will remove the defect 
free of charge and take measures to exclude such 
defects in future.

10. Importer:
TS-Market Ltd. 
Building 0- Sosnovaya Alleya, Zelenograd, 
Moscow, the Russian Federation, 4489.
Tel.: +7(495) 638-8800
Fax.: +7 (499) 940-9575
10. Claims Data
In case of package damage during transportation 
claims are presented to the freight forwarder.
If the delivery set is not complete or the handheld 
frequency and power meter MFP - 8000 is 
damaged, provided that a package is not damaged, 
an Act is made together with a representative of 
the manufac-turer.
If a defect appears during the warranty period, a 
customer is to send the handheld frequency and 
power meter MFP - 8000 to the manufacturer with 
an accompanying letter, stating the reason of the 
All claims put in, their brief description and 
measures taken are recorded in Table .


tải về 88.6 Kb.

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